About Babaji

Avdhoot Baba Shivanand is fondly known as the Father of Indian Healing, who has spent all his life in deep spiritual practices, the benefits of which He today shares with the world........ read more

About Ishan Shivanand

Acharya Ishan Shivanand is the son and disciple of the Master, who is an abundance of knowledge and skills, and assists his Master in the noble Divine mission of reaching the sacred wisdom of ancient masters to the seekers of the globe........ read more

About Guruma

Guruma has been Babaji's companion all life nurturing Babaji's missions and life goals, being a mother to her own children as well as the children of the world........ read more

What is Shiv Yog

Shiv Yog is the merging of one's consciousness with the Divine consciousness, thus evolving from finite and emerging infinite, which happens with the gradual process of disolution of one's Karmic influences through Shiv Yog practices........ read more

Guru Vakyam

Guru Vakyam consiste of weekly videos of Babaji's powerful teachings that serve as regular reminders to bring changes in the 'acharan' in our daily lives. The words of the Guru are ultimate. Guru Vakyam Param Vakyam........ read more

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