Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Durga Saptshati is not just an ancient mythological scripture but contains the most important secrets of human life.  Everything in the Durga Saptshati is coded with beej mantras that when recited rightly activates those areas of human life that have been dormant for ages due to human ignorance.  Babaji not only brought out this sacred scripture in the form of
Durga Saptshati Beej Mantra Sadhna but also explained in detail what every mythological character in the scripture repersents symbolically within human dimensions.  Here is the compilation of the e-book, which is not only of prime use during the Navratras but also something which Babaji asks to be practiced in daily living.


  1. What can we say?, how can we merely express how blessed the entire universe is that our beloved babaji so chooses to enirch every cell in us with the divine wisdom that he himeself entails. I offer my humble gratitude for babaji's love for EVERY ONE OF US. May we continue to show our respect and gratitude by being the uncondtional love that our BELOVED GURUDEV is all about- for us! OM GURU OM!

  2. JAI BABAJI :) I Love You ..Thank You very much for being with me in every moment of my life. Me ,my Sister and our entire family are very grateful to you.

  3. Namaha Shivay Babaji. We should have apps for Android and iPhones as well :-)

    1. You may write to us with clear suggestions to feedback@shivyog.com Namah Shivaya..

  4. Aum Namah: Shivaye ... Baba...

  5. Om namah Shivaye....Thanks for Blessing Baba Ji.

  6. Om namah shivay....Babaji & Guru ma....We are very much great full to you...I always want to remain in your "charan" forever .....I feel you are always be with me and we all shivyogies...thank you BABAJI & GURUMA...love you and love you all.

  7. Thank you Baba Shiv Yog Ji. u become the part of knowledge of our journey

  8. Param Pujya BABAJI,
    koti koti pranam, koti koti dhanyawaad. On this auspicious day

    GURU PURNIMA we need your lots of blessing.We miss you BABAJI. BABAJI
    jaldi aa jana, saat samunder paar se.


  9. Thank You BABA JI!!!!!!!!
    Namah Shivaya!!!!!

  10. Namah Shivay Web master, the link -
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    Namah Shivay

  11. NMs!will u pl publish 5th day shivir of Navaratra shakti sadhana shivir(5th&lastday)recording of nagpur shivir as also the entire ebook on saptasati secrets just before this upcoming navaratra days.We'll be grateful to u if u kindly republish them for public &personal good.ThanxRanu

  12. Love you Babaji, Thank you very much for showing me this path, I am blessed to have found you, am so grateful. Seeing you in every cell of my mind and soul, me and my son Nikhil are blessed to have come in your sharan. Babaji always be with us. Thank you.. with Love, Pashmeena

  13. Babaji I feel very low and scared muze swasth kardo

  14. Thanks Baba ji - we are blessed in our life by u , i am lucky that you are my Guru , this navratra book is very helpful - giving clarity about all aspects for us to increase our meditation and level of conciousness . Thanks and Regards . From Tarun Grover - 9953516890

  15. please help me how to worship mahamritunjya yantra and shree yantra before placing in my house temple (like which day, which mantra and how)

  16. Is there any centre at kolkata. I want to learn shiv yog course. please help me out.


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