Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Durga Saptshati Sadhna

Widely read Durga Saptshati, the powerful scripture on the Shakti sadhna comprising of 700 shlokas organized into thirteen chapters, narrates a story in which the divine mother is invoked wholeheartedly by the Demigods after being distressed by the acts of the demons. The loving mother, to protect her creatures, incarnates in various forms and slays the demons after long lasting wars. After intensely meditating on the Durga Saptshati, has decoded the sacred Beej Mantras encrypted in each Shloka, which possess enormous power capable of relieving one of his/her karmas and the vices. Babaji, whose mission is to eradicate sufferings from the world and fill each home with peace, happiness and unconditional love, for the first time in the history of humanity, is revealing this guarded sacred sadhna to the common man. In this Shivir, Babaji will initiate people by means of His Sankalp Shakti and Vaani in to the Durga Saptshati sadhna by giving them alive beej Mantras and facilitate them to release their karmas, which are the root cause of the problems, by invoking the holy presence of the Divine Mother. The divinity arising out of the complete recitation of these sacred beej mantras increases the vibrational frequency of each and every cell and the DNA of the body resulting into miraculous healing of the body, mind and soul that can only be experienced. Regular practice of this Shakti sadhna with pure intention and utmost devotion, empowers the sadhak to create a healthy body, a peaceful mind, loving relations, prosperous life and rapid spiritual growth.


  1. Namah Shivay..
    As a Sadhak, I wish to know the correct way/sequence of Durga Shapatsati Beej Mantaratmak Sadhna... please help me to know the whole sequence of the same so that I can do the same in better way..
    Namah Shivay..

  2. Namah shivay Bhavin ji,

    For that you would need to attend a DSS event nearest to your place that are organized free by centres. For more details you may visit


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