Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Healing on Others

After being empowered with the vedic wisdom and energy of Shambhavi Self-Healing, an individual is ready to receive the formidable power of Shambhavi to Heal Others. During the Initiation of the Shambhavi to Heal Others, the consciousness of the seeker is raised so much that his higher chakras and energy centres get activated and he connects with the most sacred Shambhavi Shakti of Lord Shiva. As this happens, he develops the ability to heal not only himself but also others through his hands and eyes. For the spiritual seeker, this energy is most useful in reaping divine dividends by developing a renewed meditational mojo to life. Baba ji, being the exponent of Shambhavi, informs that a regular practitioner of this meditation evolves the capability of directing the healing energy flowing through him to the person or object about which he merely thinks. And if that were not enough, as the seeker continues the regular practice of honing the Shambhavi energy, there arrives a stage of purity and divinity, when he has to just look at a person or object with his eyes wide open, with the feeling of unconditional love and the healing begins. There is no better service to Mother Nature than healing others. So much debt we accumulate every day from nature and there’s little we do to reciprocate. So what better way than curing diseases, ailments and problems of not only yourself but also those of others. Because the real joy is the joy of giving. Finally, the healing conferred by the Shambhavi shakti is only one of its superlative benefits. Originally, it is an enabling mechanism towards evolution and progression on the spiritual front to bridge the gap between human and God, between mortality and immortality, between finitude and infinity. The enormous benefits of the ascension of the soul, evolution of the consciousness, dissolving of the karmic factors are over and above the real ones of clearing and paving the way for one to climb up the ladder of divinity through sadhna, sewa and sankirtan (meditation, service and chanting).


  1. Om Namay Shivay! Its total bliss...and u save on your medical bill :)

  2. Om Namah Shivaya Babaji.

    Just wanted to ask you that healing others (those are not our relatives) by Siddha/Shambhavi healing, will it affect us by any Karma Dosh?

    1. Namah shivay,

      Everything is based on intentions. However, since it is the instruction of the Guru to send healing only to the immediate family, this must be adhered to. Namah shivay


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