Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Love from little Kirti

A little one sent Babaji a cute red book that she made with her own hands containing the painting and sketches of her own depiction of the teachings of Babaji. What makes this sharing of hers interesting is the way she has expressed her learning through the sketches with examples and creativity in her own form. This book was widely seen and loved by all who looked at it and Guruma placed this book in the reception of the ashram for everyone to see. The moment we saw it, we wished to share this beautiful piece of her gratitude with everyone. It is amazing to notice how children catch and deeply absorb the teachings of Babaji, which expresses clearly in every sketch made here. This post is to inspire children to imbibe the teachings into their daily lives to make their lives  successful and pure.

Babaji and Guruma share their blessings. Namah Shivaya.


  1. This is more than excellent, this is SHIVYOGI.
    BHOLE BABA bless you a lot dear :)

  2. The unconditional love preaching from Babaji makes my day with full of adrenaline rush in my cells that I feel like I achieved what my spirit from God has send me for to give unconditional love and happiness to anyone around the world that's my bliss and bless when I chant Om Nama Shivay! Great Guruji Everyday listening to you is like the words soothe my thinking and action process to give something called what you have been saying that "You are the creator for Yourself" just ignite that passion and see the difference like when flowers are dead in winter but when they spruce back up in spring it comes with great spirit of fragrance and beauty which makes the natural surrounding to watch. That's the feeling one get for oneself. Thanking Baba for teaching me empathy and sympathy for knowing the true value of life.

  3. Surprisingly mature interpretation by a child. This is the magic of the pedagogy

  4. Namah Shivaya,PP.Babaji
    I am having a question in my mind, but I dont find a forum to get an answer from you. Babaji aapto antayami hai,
    I am trying to keep myself healthy in my mind and body from a long time,may be around 20 years by doing
    Reiki sadhana, also supported many people to heal themselves.
    In 2007, I got the blessings from Babaji, at Bangalore, then , after that continued to be with Babaji, learned all that Babaji has taught.
    Now everyday I do Durgasaptasati sadhana,and do Srividya sadhana approx 2/3 days in a week(not daily).
    Also , I do healing everyday , with excellent results.at present supporting a woman,whose both kidneys are inactive (as Dr, said to her, But, Babaji, being with me, I said both will be working ),Her ,transplanted kidney , has revived after sudden deterioration, by Babaji's healing.
    Now her Cretenin reports 1.07, which as Dr, said normal, Dr was surprised how this can happen , cretenin came down from 1.7 to 1.07. All due to Babji's blessings with sanjivani/shambhabi/Reiki.

    My question is--
    Babaji you said we create our problem, this woman also done the same as per her karma, Babaji - you said we cannot touch/heal other's karma,Babaji, then , how her karma is being healed and improving her health of kidney,I just invoke sanjivani/sambhabi/Reiki, ask you babaji to heal and send energy to her, some time I feel , she has gone to her Ganamoya koshas, healing her karma there, but Babaji whatever , she is improving.
    Babaji - how is the healing taking place??, I want to improve on healing , Babaji - please bless me with faster/quicker healing power through sanjivani/ sambhabi/Reiki.
    I hope I am not interfering with other's karma.
    Bless me Babaji and bless all who approaches me for, healing .
    I am supporting everyone ,felling always you are with me.
    Namah shivaya


  5. Babaji,

    Forgiveness is fine. What about unconditional love when someone else trying to harm you?
    I need to protect myself from him/her.. In that case how do we practice unconditional love?
    Its very difficult.. Please clarify.



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