Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sadhak's Love - South Africa

After a recent shivir and visit to South Africa, Babaji discovered a home for the underpriviledged, where many children were deprived of proper shelter, food, and clothes. Babaji was touched and he undertook a massive effort to extend all help He could to them. In few weeks the children had great transformation in their lives. After a while the children made with their own hands sketches, wrote in color, and wrote mails that reflected the gratitude and love for Babaji, which we wish to share it here. We have attempted to take pictures of the book as it was sent to preseve it's originality and share here the touching letters of transformation that it brought to the little ones.

Babaji has such many projects running throughout the world and in India for the deprived, which we wish to bring out and share it with sadhaks, so that all can take inspiration and imbibe the teachings of Babaji, which He preaches only after He practices. Babaji never deviates from any of His mission that He has set His focus on. His pace is at times at such a rate that it becomes even difficult to even spot his trail, but at times we get to catch the glimpse of his trail that is left behind in expressions of those whose lives He transformed with his touch of love and compassion. It will now be an ongoing effort to try and bring to you as much as we can, such expressions.


With the grace and blessing of our Satguru Babaji, we have continued on feeding programme for over a year. The Ebenezer Home houses 60 children, providing a creche to another 60 children and 40 children attend the Sunday school. The home also caters to and houses the elderly.

When Shree Ishan ji graced us with his presence, the children were taken on an excursion to "Boksbury Waterworld". For many, it was the first time that they actually visited a pool and a wonderful time was had by all.

Since the inception of the feeding scheme, the lives of all of the residents of Ebenezer Home have changed dramatically for the better. The residents are much happier as they have the benefit of good nutritious food daily. The school going children have shown great improvement in their efforts and in their results. All ingredients are brought daily at one time to provide healthy needs for all. With thanks to the 'Children of God Trust', the quality of life of The Ebenezer Home has increased greatly. This also has inspired the community of Lenasia South into performing seva for those that are in need.

Thanking Babaji and Shree Ishanji for giving the precious opportunity to do this seva.

Thank you Babaji. We hope to be graced by your presence in South Africa very soon.

With love and light,
~ Sadhak

Pictures of Babaji's visit


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