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Science Beyond Science


Shiv Yog, is a Science beyond Science the modalities of which can be used to herald a solution for stress and all other physical, mental and emotional disorders that result in disease. A science, which believes Prevention is better than cure in the truest sense of the phrase.

Most of us see ourselves as just the physical body. We are not even aware about different dimensions of our existence, leave alone taking care of that. We have reached a zenith, so to say, as far as outer development is concerned, but in doing so we have lost touch with our own self. This disconnection with ourselves is what is responsible for all the stress including physical, mental and emotional stress, discomforts, disorders eventually resulting in a disease. Therefore it is the need of the hour to understand, learn and follow a holistic system for total wellbeing of ourselves. After all, it is for the comfort, happiness and wellbeing of our own selves that we are working so hard.

About the Master and Science of Shiv Yog:
Shiv Yog in the modern times, was commissioned by His Holinesss Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji who has transformed the lives of millions in India and abroad by  giving them a fresh lease of life through divine energy. Baba ji has conducted several “Science Beyond Science” seminars for Doctors and Research Scientists in India and the US to show them the benefits of combining modern medical science with ancient Indian healing for getting better results for their patients. Baba ji explains that the modern medical science is centred around only three subjects, namely Doctor, patient and medicine. Cure becomes a long-drawn battle because of these limitations of these three subjects:
  1. The wealth of knowledge possessed by the Doctor is still limited to the healing on the physical level and does not factor in the underlying cause of every disease - psychosomatic and emotional turbulence. Moreover, every individual has five bodies. Only the first one (the physical body) is tangible on the physical plane. The disturbance in other four bodies, playing a vital role in the onset of a disease or any problem in life are not considered by the doctors as medical science has not yet reached their perceptibility. Though energy scientists are evolving techniques to study the vibrational and energy aspect of a disease, much needs to be done.
  2. The second subject is the patient. Baba ji says that the patient plays a very passive role in the treatment process. He leaves everything to the mercy of the doctor and the medicine and does nothing on his part to alleviate his state and heal himself.
  3. The third subject is the medicine. Allopathic medicines have serious drawbacks in that they are chemicals which have side effects. Moreover, these chemicals replicate the function of natural chemicals secreted in our body. Medical science does not usher in the cure by triggering secretions naturally. Rather it proclaims artificial chemicals which may be counterproductive.

All in all, the current system of cure does not figure and recognize the underlying problem of the ailments. It only helps mitigate the symptoms at a superficial level. 

Over and above this, there is no doctor to cure turbulence in relationships, poor economic conditions, failure in worldly pursuits and other earthly shortcomings. 

Shiv Yog identifies the root cause of any and every misery as psychic impressions etched in our subtle bodies, the unfolding of which triggers the advent of a disease. The Shiv Yog practices engender overall betterment of a human being by dissolution of the negative emotional imprints. 

 Most significantly, the healed individuals have seen for themselves that the Shiv Yog processes not only heal physical diseases but also all the aspects of existence - from relationships to economic condition, from ease of work accomplishment to materialization of worldly and spiritual goals.

Shiv Yog is thus the art and science of healing the person as a whole and not merely healing a body part. Shiv Yog says that the treatment should be carried out at all levels of the body mind and soul. The vedic wisdom of Shiv Yog is a Cosmic Science, which makes the human being aware that he is Infinite; he has Infinite potential and Infinite possibilities to attain perfection in all facets of life. Shiv Yog is an ancient science that was being practiced from the vedic period. The practitioners of this science experienced that everything is made up of energy which they subdivided into Male energy (Shi) and Female energy (Va), thereby also naming this science as Shiv Yog that is union of the finite consciousness of humans with the infinite consciousness of the cosmic powers. Merging with Infinite - to unfold the Infinite healing powers from within – and Emerging Infinite for quality evolution.

Taking a holistic approach:
The Shiv Yog holistic medicine is a “Multiple healing system” comprising a detailed curriculum of and  knowledge about:
  • Natural herbs
  • Sookshma kriyas
  • Pran Kriyas to increase the flow and content of vital energy
  • Deep meditation systems that work on alleviating stress, psychic impressions and enhancing the emotional quotient, thereby helping the person to release the negativity and disturbance in the ease (dis-ease)
  • Release of psychosomatic factors because Shiv Yog says that the root cause of every disease is psychosomatic and the wisdom to deal with psychosomatic disease will speed up an effective treatment.
  • Tapping of cosmic energy and vibrations, deep at the cellular and DNA levels of different body parts, along with modern medicine to achieve the goal of moving towards complete cure.

Principles behind Shiv Yog Healing:
Every human being has been blessed with infinite healing power in his body, mind and soul. Shiv Yog purifies this raw human being who is like raw, unrefined gold waiting to be polished. It teaches and guides the human how to activate his inbuilt healing mechanisms to gain a state of perfect health, not only in the physical realm but also on all other fronts which we can think and also those where our imagination can’t reach.

The concept of Shiv Yog is that we need to help people to get to the place where the body’s natural healing abilities can take over the process for maintaining homeostasis. For example, when there is an infection we don’t tell the body to heal but automatically the White Blood Cells take over and the secretion of antibodies takes place. Likewise, Shiv Yog says that even the secretion of Antidote of a disease should also begin in a similar manner. The body has the capability. Just that this capability has to be ignited.
Shiv Yog is a science where one learns to reach one’s inner core and activate, trigger and significantly boost the healing system of body while simultaneously giving cosmic healing to enhance the recovery process in case a disease is already present.

Medical Research:
For a period of over three years between the years 2009 and 2012, the clinical reference laboratories of SRL Diagnostics conducted over five thousand tests on 920 volunteers, who participated in the sadhna shivirs organized by Shiv Yog. These tests were conducted using state-of-the-art equipment and instruments to study and evaluate the effect of Shiv Yog practices on human physiology and health. The key findings are as follows:
  • Most tested volunteers showed measurable health improvements within the span of 8 to 9 days of basic sadhna shivirs.
  • The benefits of this nature or magnitude are generally not seen to be achieved without medication in such short periods of time.
  • It was also observed that Shiv Yog meditation created a natural Valium like effect both in terms of enzyme activity and through bio-chemical changes.
  • The tests that were done at RNA and DNA levels showed changes in a short span of 8 days.
  • In 2011, a study on diabetics was conducted over a period of 180 days and it was observed that if patients continue and persevere with the Shiv Yog meditational practices, diabetes becomes less and less severe to the point where pancreas begin to regenerate themselves.
  • Of the 920 volunteers who were studied in these shivirs, 595 showed significant improvements, 245 showed moderate improvements and 80 did not show any measurable improvements.
  • The significantly improved parameters included Blood Pressure, Lipid Profiles, Diabetes Profile, Stress markers, Cardiac care markers, Renal function markers, liver function markers and other endocrine health markers. 

Detailed reports for the above mentioned research is available on the website

The people who have incorporated Shiv Yog in their daily life are finding that
  • Stress has disappeared from their lives.
  • They are experiencing a state of mental peace that they never experienced before.
  • The ability of the mind to handle situations and take immediate decisions has increased manifold.
  • Their ability to learn new things and retain them has increased.
  • They are able to command respect and emerge as natural leaders.
  • They also enjoy love and respect of their seniors.
  • Their state of health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) has greatly improved and their medical expenses have reduced to minimum, if any existed before.
  • Their equation with their family members has greatly improved and there is an environment of love and happiness in the entire family.
  • They are beginning to understand the meaning of life and thereby enjoy it to the fullest.
  • They now have a sense of direction and a purpose in life.


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