Tuesday, 31 December 2013

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The video series of "Guru Vakyam" with the blessings of Babaji.  Namah Shivay


  1. Namah shivay babaji. My thought is playing and cannot decide if am doing the right thing. I asked you a question in kenya shivir about my son that he has attracted the mantra om mani padme hum and your answer was that i should tell him to look for the jewel, now everyday when I do my sadhna he wants me to chant om mani padme hum with him and wants to look for the jewel.Then I have to do the sadhana with him and I miss the shrividya. He is 9 years old. I sacrifice my sadhna for him am I doing the right thing or not. Please babaji guide me. Thank you. Kailash

  2. Kindly update the page with videos of march.
    Namah Shivaya!

    1. Namah Shivaya Varun ji,

      We regret on certain Thursdays the videos could not come up due some transitional happenings on the internet platforms. Efforts will be made to keep it regular. Thanks. Namah shivaya

  3. Nameh Shivay Baba Ji.

    Its my first time I am trying to communicate with u. I attended Gurgaon Shivir and we (Me & my husband)felt blesses. Baba ji we r doing durga Saptshati Puja every day from last 9 months. We have not attended pratiprasav shivir. Can we do puja even then?

    Nameh Shiviy Baba ji.

  4. i mail to info mail address but i never get reply
    why is it so

    1. Namah Shivay,

      We receive hundreds of mails and all 'relevant' mails are replied to.

      If your request is relevant in this comment, please disclose your name and ID and what was the subject of your communications that you made earlier. Thank you. Namah shivay.

  5. Namah Shivay, Babaji. We (Myself & my wife) have taken Diksha from you Siddha Dhyana & Healing, Sambhavi Dhyana & Healing, Sri Vidya Level-I. We have also attended Durga Saptasati Shivirs in Faridabad and Gurgaon. Recently, we have received Navratri Sadhana Diksha in the Gurgaon Shivir. We have been doing sadhana for the last 6 years. My 11-year-old daughter, who had attended Durga Saptasati/Navratri Sadhana Shivirs, is also chanting Durga Saptasati everyday like us. My question is which beej mantra sadhana should we do after chanting of Durga Saptasati? Babaji, I would take this opportunity to tell you that we all love you so much and you're really lovable, adorable and respectable. Only because of your blessings, our lives have been changed significantly. I just can't express in words how much grateful we are. Thank you, Babaji, for coming into life. My email address is . Namah Shivay.

  6. Namah Shivay, Babaji. I have no question to ask as you're kindly answering all my questions. What I want to say is that I just want to see you around all the time. Babaji, kindly give me so much strength and courage that I can do so much selfless seva and kill my ego. Thank you, Babaji, for your love and blessings. Please stay with me always. Namah Shivay.

    Babita Das

  7. namah shivay Babaji, i am getting ans of my all ques by your programs on TV. blog is very good way via that i can send you namah shiya to you.
    baba ji i have attended shivir at jaipur. i having very burning desired to attend one more shivir pl baba ji make situation in my favor. namah shivay
    rajaram yadav

  8. Namah Shivayah Babaji. My heartfelt gratitude for coming into my life for my spiritual & material growth, for being always on my side during my times of need. You have given me an opportunity to attend the Bangalore Shri Vidhya Sadhana Level I, going to be held soon. During the shivir, kindly teach me Shambhavi sadhana also, as I have not got deeksha of the same. Kindly help me out.

  9. Hi,

    I am very fond of the videos (guru vakyam) that are available for viewing on this page; but lately after September 12, 2013, no videos are uploaded.

    Request you to please upload videos,

    Namah Shivay,


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