Saturday, 8 September 2012

Durga Saptashati Shivirs

As per Babaji's video message in late August 2012 to be in seclusion for deeper meditation for the benefit of all sadhaks and mankind, Babaji now wishes that the grace of the Divine Mother yet continue to reach the masses through the sacred Durga Saptashati Beej Mantra sadhana. This sacred sadhana will continue to reach the masses via shivirs through Babaji's voice and sankalp shakti (divine intention).

On the inspiration of the Divine Mother, Babaji will be continuing to extend the power blessings of the Divine Mother through Durga Saptashati Sadhana in satsang in His subtle form. The  satsangs will be organized throughout the country with Babaji's presence in the subtle form via the audio/visual medium, where people attending the  satsang  with pure intentions and devotion shall certainly receive His grace and blessings and be able to take full benefit of the  satsang. All those who attend these  satsangs with deep devotion and surrender to the Divine Mother will receive the grace of the Mother through Babaji's divine voice and sankalp (divine intent).

2012 is the time when everything in creation is ascending to higher dimensions and the earth is ascending from the current third dimension to fourth dimension. This is such a powerful period where even small amount of sadhana will magnify manifolds. Anything that is contemplated upon will magnify, as Babaji reminded in His personal video message (view it)

This period is a period that Babaji wishes none should miss as it the period of transformation that comes after many eras. All masters, sages and yogis in the physical and nonphysical form are working on this period in their own ways. Avdhoot Baba Shivanand is also secluding during this period in deep meditation during this great period of transformation for the benefit of those who are already connected with Him. 

Babaji from many years has been stressing that it is His subtle form that does the work in every  satsang  rather than his physical form and this has been experienced by sadhaks who connected in this form. Not just  satsangs but His subtle presence and grace is experienced by television viewers in their homes to the extent of receiving initiation on television just by listening to His voice and his darshan on television. All that is required for this is devotion, surrender and faith.

Babaji blesses heartily all those fortunate people who till now came forward and performed the noble deed or organizing the free  satsangs that were conducted free of cost during all these months that helped initiate and transform thousands of seekers. It is the nishkaam seva (selfless service) of these organizers that brought Divinity into so many homes.

To assist in Babaji's mission of these satsangs to continue to reach more and more people, it is sought that all people who have benefited and being initiated come forward for the nishkaam seva in organizing such satsangs in their locality and to also introduce their family and friends to such satsangs, so that they can receive the grace of the Divine Mother and bring divine transformation into their lives. These satsangs will be graced with Babaji's voice and sankalp shakti (divine intention) to all those who wish to receive this divine deeksha (initiation) of the sacred Durga Saptashati Beej Mantra sadhana. Babaji while in deep meditation in seclusion, will be subtly present in all these  satsangs to bless everyone.

Those willing to take initiative in this divine mission can write to : with subject line "Organize Satsang" or call:
+91-9999985961, 9999985963

Namah Shivaya!

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  1. Namah Shiva !!

    This is a question for all the women who luv babaji and his teachings .I have taken the Durga Saptashati deeksha but please let us know can we read it during mensus ? I luv reading durga saptashati and want to read it everyday. I also know tht we can do sadhana during mensus but please confirm if we can read durga saptashati everyday??

    1. Namah Shivaya Rashi ji,

      Babaji has answered stating that women can do sadhna all 30 days of the month without any feel of guilt. Everyone is equal to the divine and everything is His creation itself.

      Namah Shivaya

  2. Namah Shivaya, I have a question can we increase our height through Shivyog, generally I do sadhana (Anushthana) and rituals, planning to get Advaita Sri Vidya deeksha from Babaji, my age is 20 currently, thank you Namah Shivaya.

    1. Namah shivay,

      ShivYog practices are a combination of meditations, subtle exercises, chants and following a life style conducive to well being. At the same time Babaji's teachings on using the Golden book to manifest one's desires. Anything is possible but there are no magic pills or magic remedies. If the path if followed 100% in all aspects of it's teachings, everything is as this is the path of Siddhas. Namah shivay


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