Sunday, 9 December 2012

ShivYog Seva Abhiyan

One of Babaji's main expression of spiritual growth to all sadhaks has been Nishkaam Seva or selfless service to the creation. Babaji often explained in various ways how selfless service can help burn one's karmic influences eventually and accelerate spiritual growth. As Babaji continued living His words through all these years, Guruma and Ishan Shivanand ji joined hands with Him in this divine mission. Through the years, were captured many such moments that Babaji and His Foundation spent in the service of humans, animals and plants, all in equal interest and love. A small video of the journey through the unconditional act to serve as a reminder and inspiration for all sadhaks to walk this path of nishkam seva with the same spirit and love that the Master moves with... 

Words have limitations; let the video speak for itself.. Namah Shivaya!


  1. Namah Shivay Babaji
    I am just following you after I got initiation from you for Shree Vidya Sadhana and Shree Durga Saptashati.
    I am doing Nishkaam Sadhana, Nishkaam Seva, Nishkaam Sankeerthan on a daily basis as per your advise.

    The lot of changes are happening and we are extremely happy the way we live.
    We love you Babaji and we are going to start Shivyog Sankeertan night once in a month to show you how much we love your bhajans.

    Namah Shivaya
    Shivyog Sadhak

  2. we will follow your path Babaji thank you for showing us,this path for our ultimate good

    Namah Shivaye
    Vinay KIshore Tayal
    Shivyog sadhak,

  3. Plz babaji i wanted to join d shivir plz help me .

  4. Param Pujya BABAJI
    Millions of Charan Sparshes to your Lotus Feet
    Can I be considered for small sevas, though I'am not initiated by the grace of your Lotus feet
    With humble regards


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