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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Calendar ~ Mar 2013


Namah Shivaya. For those who use the computer, here comes a desktop calendar for the month of March 2013. Using it not only generates divine vibes from the Guru but also keeps one reminded of the Guru's nectar words, that will nourish one towards one's highest goal of life - liberation from all bondage.

In this message Babaji asks what is it that one is seeking outside so desperately? So much of importance and focus laid on rituals, fasts, anushtaans... Babaji was mentioning about the importance of festivals and the sacred practices involved in every festival. Laying importance to the external practices, Babaji emphasized the importance of having internal enthusiasm to bring fruit to the external practices. He said that until one is awakened from within the ritual will only will remain a ritual. He added, "If you ever have to do an anushtaan, light a lamp in your heart."

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Blessings in Ahmedabad too..

Again, there was a twist of climatic conditions after the Gurgaon shivir. Just two days before the shivir in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, rains began. The rains were not just in Gujrat but bad weather was reported in every part of India. An unfortunate incident of the meteorite that streaked across the sky and exploded over central Russia injuring thousands of people.

Just before Babaji left for Ahmedabad, in view of the current fury of nature with recent incidents of meteorites striking earth, violent changes in the sea and unseasonal rains lashing all over the country, Babaji has expressed the need for ShivYog sadhaks to get organize a 3-day Durga Saptshati Sadhna. It has been previously reminded many times by Babaji that nature's fury is nothing but a larger expression of human's negative expressions of anger, fear, hatred, etc in these days of modernization.  The female energies are disturbed due to them being ill-treated and disrespected.  This mass collection of suppressed energies express itself through nature in various unnatural and unprecedented ways.  Babaji earlier had mentioned that ShivYog sadhaks, especially the practitioners of Shree Vidhya Sadhna and Durga Saptshati Sadhna, must respect every woman as the manifestation of Mother Divine. This attitude when practiced in multitude enhances and soothes the feminine aspect of Mother Nature.

For bringing such powerful impacts in nature Babaji has asked that all ShivYog sadhaks, who hold a great responsibility with helping mankind, would need to begin setting up a 3-day Durga Saptshati paat in their homes/localities with this divine intention.  ShivYog sadhaks are here to assist humanity in every possible way and these are the best opportunities for one to do this nishkaam seva for humanity and Mother Nature. The best time to give back something to our Mother Nature, who has always been looking after us and providing us with all that we need.  Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu.  (May all beings, everywhere, be happy and free.)

A day before the shivir in Ahmedabad, it rained heavily flooding the venue and the arrangements. This climatic change of rains, cloudy weather, thunderstorms, were reported all over the countries where even the least expected places like certain part of South India and North India it rained.

We were monitoring the weather conditions all over the country and took snapshots of the weather conditions of 24 different locations in India, spanning from East to West and North to South and to our disbelief we found each and every place either raining, cloudy and expecting rains, or thunderstorms and drizzle and haze, except just one place that showed up all sunny.. guess which? Ahmedabad! There were no reports of rain today in Ahmedabad and places around but every other place in India showed up rains. Below is a snapshot of this interesting mystical ways of the Divine and Guru and of course the power of devotion and creation of collective ShivYogis. Namah Shivaya.

Pearls from Gurgaon Shivir - 3

  • ~ Every month also there is Navratri, that is, the 9 days of 'Maas Navratri' every month and if possible you can make these 9 days blend into your life and be blessed.
  • ~ All who are sitting here in the Mata Ki Chowki, Mother says that when you need her invoke her and she shall come and help you. Words may be mine but the Mother assures this.
  • ~ Mother says that she is in every particle of this creation but when an intense devotee calls her, she takes a form.
  • ~ Whenever you want to do satsang, burn a lamp for the Mother and sit together.  Meditate on Her and pray to her.  Pray to the Guru and invoke Him. Meditate of Lord Ganapathy and invoke His presence.  Invoke Lakshmi Narayan and call them.  Meditate on Shiv-Shiva and pray, "Hey Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati, I bow to you and pray that You come.." and install them in the Meru/idol. Pray to Navdurga and install Her. "...I invoke Dus Mahavidhya Shakti and pray that all your 10 Mahavidhya shakti get installed here. We have all gathered here to receive your blessing and grace. Take away our pains and worries..."Sadhna twice a day will keep purifying you. When you deviate from sadhna and live such lifestyles you develop very bad ego - the mahishasur.
  • ~ In my travel around the globe, I see all types of egos - from the 'I' to the spiritual ego.
  • ~ Regular sadhna finishes off the sadhak's 'I'.
  • ~ The ego adapts itself - even the poor have ego of being so poor.
  • ~ Then, there is the ego of taking pictures and putting it up everywhere so that one is known.
  • ~ The ego keeps changing form like the mahishasura changed forms from buffalo to tiger (symbolic) when attacked by the Mother.
  • ~ When the I'ness begins to crop up in a sadhak, know that Mahishasura is aroused. Invoke the Mother immediately.
  • ~ All are not happy with what they receive but they become more unhappy looking around at those who have received more than them.
  • ~ It is all in your bhaav - if you bhaav is pure then you will have a beautiful life and if impure, then one makes life hell.
  • ~ Rakta beej (blood seed, that according to the mythology is the demon who on every blood drop multiplied, who was destroyed by Maa Durga, is the symbolic representation of karmic multiplication of every seed sown, seed meaning every karma or act) is prarabdh karma. Just as the rakta beej multiplies, same happens when one does a karma that creates another karma and thus multiplying the prarabdh bhog.
  • ~ God does not punish you. The difficulties that you have in liefa are not punishments but are indications that you are going wrong and to take heed, to not be lost in bhog and material pleasures at all time, not to be immersed in false glories and name and fame.
  • ~ You cry and fret and fume and should out your miseries out to the world, but the ignorance is such that you don't do tapas.
  • ~ The more the difficulties, the more should be the sadhna, prana kriyas, sankirtans, good deeds, but we rather cry and exhaust ourselves in complaints.
  • ~ Work towards daily living but out of the 24 hours spend 2-3 hours in sadhna and nourish your prana.
  • ~ Who are you to change others? If you have to change anyone, change yourself.
  • ~ Until you attain self-realization work on yourself.
  • ~ How can I see other's negativities and shortcomings when I am myself filled with it? Accept everyone the way they are.
  • ~ Jab koi baat bigad jaaye.... When things are fine, take His name and it will remain fine. When things go wrong, take His name and it will become fine.
  • ~ Don't settle for small things but ask for the biggest.

  • ~ I remember my earlier days when I left home telling my mother that I am going towards the Himalayas and she gave me money, but I refused telling her that He will take care.
  • ~ I remember those days when I used to eat food, like puri-sabzi, little by little, preserving the food for days together.  Never did the food get spoilt or would one fall sick eating that food. Today, if the food is more than a day old, people sniff the food.
  • ~ I remember those days often (with moist eyes).... the scent of the earth, the moments in solitude, the wilderness... but the problem is I love you also and you keep pulling me...
  • ~ Don't get bored with life. People buy everything, eat everything and finally try out everything and then get bored with life... fed up with life. This is because they sought only little things. Long for Him and connect with Him.
  • ~ Some say they are karma yogis and what is the need for meditation. Karma yog does not just mean digging the earth but closing your eyes and contemplating is also karma yog. Karma yog is not just checking shares and balance sheets but it is also going within, lighting up within and checking your balance sheet of karmas.  Karma yog is not just organizing parties but also organizing Mata Ki Chowki.
  • ~ Let your child become independent. Guide them but let them live and learn. There is a saying that the things that don't kill you make you stronger. 
  • ~ Golden Book is not a magic box I have given you. It is a mean to give you direction but if you do not have deep desire from within then even if you write a 1000 times it will not work.  To know what to write, you first have to identify what you really want and what you have come on earth to do?
  • ~ All ShivYogis must live their life as though it was their last day.
  • ~ Ask yourself everyday if anything has been left pending and if so, work on that taks on priority.
  • ~ If failure comes, don't sit there and brood and get disheartened, but find the root cause of it and what was the lesson in it for you and work towards rectifying it.
  • ~ A true ShivYogi is the one who learns a lesson from every incident or failure.
  • ~ I was told in my childhood that there is a diamond in every failure. Great is the one who finds the diamond. Average is the one who justifies for every failure.
  • ~ Consider yourself lucky or fortunate when you become the medium in spreading the Durga Saptshati (through shivirs). The more it reaches to people, the more it would benefit all and the more fortunate you can consider yourself.
  • ~ Do not leave your roots, your culture because in this Indian culture is deeply rooted the wisdom, simplicity and truth.
  • ~ Learn to say 'NO!' with confidence.
  • ~ When someone offers a cigarette saying "sab peethe hai" (everyone smokes), you just say, "baaki sab bhed bakri hai, anek hai, sher ek hai." (Cows and sheep are always many in number, rare is a tiger amongst them.)
  • ~ There is no harm in learning from children. Become friends with them. Why do kids run out? Because they want friends and if you cannot be their friends they will constantly seek friendship outside. If you can be their friend, they will not seek outside as they will love your company.
  • ~ First earn the right to scold children. It's certainly not that only you can scold; sometimes receive from them also.
  • ~ The 'teen' age is the age to build your adulthood. In teenage is engraved the foundation for adulthood.
  • ~ If they live like labour during the teens (13 to 19 years) with hard work and saying "NO!" with confidence, then in their adult life, they will live like a king.  And, if they live like a kind during their teenage, they will live like a labour in their adult life.
  • ~ Do not become a Hitler, beat or scold them. They get broken, sometimes for their entire life they can remain broken. It is a great sin to do so.
  • ~ Praise them when they do good work and they will look forward to do good work again.
  • ~ With scoldings, they hide in their cocoons and not come in front of you and your family wil start breaking.
  • ~ An ignorant will start expecting or judging when a person comes in front of them; not necessarily at their physical presence but also in thoughts.
  • ~ Everyone is aware of darkness but ask the sun about darkness.  The sun will ask, "What is that?" and that is because the sun does not know what darkness is because everything that comes in it's presense is lit up. The sun never even tries to drive away darkness because when darkness comes in front of the sun, it just becomes light. A ShivYogi should be like the sun who can never see anyone's darkness and in whose presence every the darkened ones become light.
  • ~ People come to me and say, "I have a problem. Please listen to me." I say do the Durga Saptshati but they will say, "That is okay but please listen to my problem." What is the use of listening to the depth and width of your problem? That is why I don't meet anyone.
  • ~ Spread the light by which people can start loving each other.
  • ~ The biggest religion is humanity.
  • ~ You get up at home and run towards temples.  Make your home itself a temple.  If you are able to do this, then I can call you my disciples.  Never, never, never bring harshness in your tone (voice and speech). People who hurt others cannot be my disciples.
  • ~ Whether a disciple knows or not, the Guru knows that the person is his disciple.  The Guru will never go and say that he is his disciple but will wait for him to walk on the Guru's path before accepting him as his disciple.
End of Gurgaon Shivir Notes

      Pearls from Gurgaon Shivir - 2

      • ~ Evil energies are hidden in alcohol.
      • ~ Give your children the wisdom and show them the way. You be the example. If you yourself drink alcohol and tell your children to refrain from it, how will they understand? 
      • ~ Little children are our future.  Let them not move towards this intoxication but towards being intoxicated in God. 
      • ~ Do Mati Ki Chowki and give Prasad.  Till now you must have given a lot of parties and satisfied the asuras, now call on the Divine Mother and make Shiv-Shiva contended.
      • ~ Mata Ki Chowki is the remedy for clearing all types of doshas and your homes will become a divine place where only auspicious tasks will be done.
      • ~ Quarrels that happen without any meaning and people wonder why they fight without intending to fight which was because you were deviating from God, deviating from your inner self. If you really want power and peace connect with your inner self, become one with God.
      • ~ Powers do not come from outside, but from within. 
      • ~ After Mata Ki Chowki, everyone sit down and do Durga Saptshati in a simple way. Simple means without involving all the beginning mantras and shaapo-dwar, but directly beginning with the Siddha-Kunjika stotram and then chapters 1 to 13. 
      • ~ It is Mother’s blessings itself that in such a short span this beautiful book of Navratri Shakti Sadhna manifested. I bless the sadhak from Hyderabad who took quick notes, sent materials through the cell phone and in 24 hours 10,000 books were printed. 
      • ~ You will be receiving higher deeksha of this higher Durga Saptshati Sadhana in this shivir. 
      • ~ When you offer Mother food (bhog), do not fall much into rituals of sprinkling water and acts of the kind, but bring in your deepest bhaav (emotions and feelings) and with loving persistence offer the bhog.  Then, the food that was offered to the Mother, mix it into the bhandara (food for the gathering).  Then feed lovingly all those who are attending the satsang. 
      • ~ The biggest merit you gain is from feeding the hungry, the poor. Rise above caste and creed. 
      • ~ No one is big, no one is small. When God does not differentiate why do you? 
      • ~ Whenever you have something auspicious at home, do Mata Ki Chowki in this manner and offer the blessed food to all. 
      • ~ In this way, Mother’s bhajan, Shiva’s bhajan, Krishna’s bhajan – start doing their chowkis. Trust me, as you keep doing this, in a year’s time if you do not see the changes in growth and prosperity, then you can say “Babaji, you did not say the right thing.”
      • ~ And when someone would ask you the secret of your success, then you share with them too that they too do Mata Ki Chowki in their homes in the prescribed manner with whatever best bhaav they can. You will see only blessings showering.
      • ~ As you do ShivYog Sadhna, your outer vision starts changing. Vision then gets fixed on the Divine. Then one understands that everyone is the same.
      • ~ Do this practically within the family and see. After doing Durga Sapshati sadhna, look into the eyes of the family member who you feel is negative. As your look deepens, you will start seeing God.  Why just humans, even you will see the same in an animal's eyes too.  If not a family member, do the same in the mirror. You will gradually begin to see the real You.
      • ~ Whoever one may be, however mightly one may be, when one does sadhna and goes deeper and deeper, one will start seeing.
      • ~ Every ShivYog sadhak must rise above the 'I'ness.
      • ~ I was rapidly giving Shree Vidhya deekshas and people were rapidly evolving, but in the process I forgot that with the rise of energies, also were active the "madhu-Kaitabh" (madhu demon of craving for praise and attention and kaitabh - demon of reaction to criticism)
      • ~ Durga Sapshati has to be done first to purify. I won't back off from my promise for intensive sadhna but first you have to clean your consciousness and clean your sankalp shakti so that you don't create anything wrong for yourself.
      • ~ If you have to get something higher you have to first become worthy for it because until this is clear, your vessel will remain small and how much ever blessing are put into it, you will waste it.
      • ~ My intention and aim is that you evolve and self-realize in this lifetime itself.

      • ~ Durga Saptshati intensives are being organized in our ashrams. Only those who are sadhaks (true sadhaks) should go the ashrams and do the sadhna, if not, please do it at home itself.
      • ~ In ashram all kind of people are there - of all castes - all tittles - king to pauper, but when you enter ShivYog ashram, you have only one caste or religion - you merge and become Shivananda!
      • ~ In the 6-day Durga Sapshati intensives, all you will have to do is get your own asanas. No cook. You will have to cook together, eat together and spend time in the ashram doing these intensives.  After a week, when you leave, you will notice that you have changed. As you change your fortune changes.
      • ~ Play Mata Ki Chowki at all times and you will see the mind becoming purer.
      • ~ I see sadhaks always worrying more about their loved ones. They feel depressed when their loved ones are depressed. They show me their photos on the cellphones..... Baba doesn't need to see photos because Baba has some advance technology to se the pictures that you have already created in your mind. When you think of them I have already seen them. I would just pray to the ever-compassionate Mother to bless them. I don't do anything then but Mother takes care of them.
      • ~ A true disciple will never expect anything from anyone but will take only from Him (pointing up).  If a beggar begs from another beggar then both beggars will remain hungry.
      • ~ A sufi saint once went to the king to beg. When he entered the King was in prayers on his knees with his hands extended up. He was praying to God to safeguard his palace, to prosper the kingdom, make him a good king, and so on. The sufi saint watched him for a moment and then turned and walked away. The king saw this and approached him, "I was in prayer, please let me know how may I help you. You may ask for whatever you want." To this the saint replied, "I had come to you with a lot of expectation but you also turned out to be a beggar. What can a beggar give a beggar? I will ask from Him itself."
      • ~ My Guru blessed me at the age of 8 and made me rich with the blessing of the name (mantra)... Babaji sings Swasadi maala nal simran mai tera naam.
      • ~ Learn from the birds about detachment. The birds look after their young ones till they are able to fly and protect themselves. Once they fly they don't remain attached to each other.
      • ~ Some moments of the Mother's blessings can enhance so many lifetimes and you are sitting here for so long. Only the one who receives it will know.
      • ~ Man's foremost weakness is to listen to one's own praise. Man strives to gather and buy so many things just because of that expectation of praise.
      • ~ Second main weakness is when someone criticizes, one is then bent upon finding ways to bring that person down in some or the other way. These both are the asuras of madhu and kaitabh (madhu - the demon of expectation of praise and glorification and the kaitabh - the demon of reaction on criticism.)
      • ~ Someone comes to you and says, "Uncle/aunty, you are sooooo good!" The madhu becomes active. Now, the person says, "Uncle/aunty, that person is bad and said so and so about you..." and you run to bring that person down. You are not running but it is the kaitabh within you
      • ~ Whenever you get tempted to do something to get attention or praise (or self-glorification) or to take credit for someone's work, take the Mother's name.
      • ~ If someone complains to you about someone and you begin to even harbor negative thoughts about harming them in any way, immediately take Mother's shelter and pray.
      • ~ When Baba asks "Tum chahthe kya ho?" (what is it that you want) bring the bhaav of the desire to become pure, to sperad love, to help all, serve all, to pray for everyone to be blessed... But then, instead of continuing to maintain this bhaav at all times, you deviate from teh main goal and fall into all these ignorance and create your own downfall.
      • ~ Those in Mother's shelter cannot be touched by Maya.
      • ~ Whose mind is always pure cannot be defeated, cannot be miserable or have troubles.
      • ~ Everywhere you see around including the television, you will see Madhu-Kaitabh.
      • ~ Why are you seeking outside oh Shivyogis? No remedies are outside.. they are not in rings and anushtaans (observance of a ritualistic practice). Until you are lit from within, no external remedies will help. If you ever want to do an anushtaan, light a lamp in your heart.
      • ~ What does man do? Wake up in the morning, eat breakfast adn go out in quest of fulfilment, eat lunch and then dinner and then sleep.  Same things an animal does. But now-a-days, it has worsened more than the pashu bhaav (animalistic tendencies).... Get up in the morning, check the stock market, read the newspaper, eat fast foods and junk food, in the evening settle down for drinks. None of the animals do these.  Neither do they worry about stocks, not they eat junk food, nor you will find any animal in the gutter (drunk). Life is disgracing worse than animals.
      • ~ Attitude of gratitude must prevail if you want a good life.  You get a payment or some thing and you say 'thanks' but how many times have to said thanks to God, who has given you so much - body, life, family, everything!
      ....to be continued

      Sunday, 17 February 2013

      Pearls from Gurgaon Shivir - 1

      Pearls from Gurgaon Shivir (Feb 2013) 

      Just three days left for the opening of the shivir and the Leisure Valley Grounds were being prepared for another mega event - Babaji's Navratri Shakti Sadhna shivir.  A huge crowd was expected as this shivir was a new offering from Babaji and moreover, this was the first shivir that Babaji was to grace after a long time in secluded sadhna.  Soon, with just three days left for the shivir to begin, heavy rains lashed Gurgaon and it rained heavily; in a way it never happened during monsoons also. The whole ShivYog team were engaged in every way and left no stone unturned. When things were done, with just a day left, the rains poured again and did not stop.  The dark clouds were announced by news channels to be around for the next 3 days - which meant a wet season into the first two days of shivir too!  Though these sudden change of climatic events was totally unexpected, ShivYog sadhaks seva team yet made quick plans and did every to protect the seating grounds, using JCB to excavate the sandy soil that had become mucky, and finding means to pump water out of the grounds and wondering what rain proof solutions could be provided.

      Back in the ashram, Babaji was in His usual calm self, even discussing important things in His usual smiley mode. Leave aside the thought of the next day event, it appeared as though for Him there were no rains itself.

      The final night passed with the rain unwilling to stop and at the same time  sadhaks too unwilling to stop.  Next day, evening 4 p.m. was the scheduled shivir time and it was morning but still dark and raining. With weather forecast not showing any mercy, everyone just continued to do whatever they needed to do to keep things to the mark. Then, something mysterious began happening. At around 12 noon, suddenly the sun showed up and within an hour the entire sky was blue! People who anticipated that the program would begin late because of the weather were surprised to see Babaji walking into the stage at the destined time.

      As Babaji walked in, a group of folk singers from Haryana performed a rich cultural song with two little boys dancing to the traditional beats of the huge drums on the stage.

      Babaji was applied the tilak and worn the traditional pagadi. It seemed Babaji was enjoying the performance of the rural artists. Close to 15,000 people had gathered to be a part of this sacred shivir, to receive initiation and learn the Navratri Shakti Sadhna.

      As the music died down, Babaji began with the words, “A ShivYogi never complains, but creates…” This He pointed out to the sudden worries that had sprouted in the minds of everyone due to sudden changes in weather.

      Baba said that the Divine Mother had been certainly taking test of ShivYogis with this unexpected downpour.  He laughingly mentioned, “Mother said, ‘Watch how sadhaks will come running to you worried about the situation” to which Babaji replied that He was sure that ShivYogis would be firm and that how many times ever the ground would be flooded, they would attempt to make it dry, be it day or night. Then with a glee Baba said, “….but when I saw it rained even overnight, I said, ‘Maa, now I am not complaining but I am praying; please stop it now.”  There was a huge laughter. Then He added that the seva sadhaks had passed this test 100/100 to which there was a roar of “Har Har Mahadev” and applause.  Babaji added that during these days of confusion, not even a single time did any seva sadhak come to Him and talk about the climate or what was to be done, but silently did what had to be done.  He blessed all the sadhaks who had brought in this powerful wave of devotion and trust.

      And, so began the shivir with the bhajan to Lord Ganapathy ‘Vigna Vinashak Ganapathy Naad…”

      After that, every single day the shivir went on for five hours filled with bhajans, teachings, stories from scriptures and their in-depth meaning, the subtle meaning of Durga Saptshati Paat and teaching of the Navratri Shakti Sadhna. Mass shaktipat took place along with healings at the end of every day as Babaji initiated and raised the vibrations for the benefit of all present.

      Babaji even exclusively did the “Mata Ki Chowki” on the first and last day, even ordering CDs to be made on the request of people gathered who wanted to take home back with them and replay the magic of this “Mata Ki Chowki” in Babaji's voice and form.

      Every night ended with the thousands being served with the bhandara (holy food) with the help of the seva team.

      Following are the pearls gathered from the entire shivir:
      • ~ God can be reached with simplicity and bhaav and not any show-offs. 
      • ~ My sadhna has been for don’t know how many years, but whenever when I threw away wisdom and focused on my bhaav, I went into Samadhi. 
      • ~ If you feel that you and God are separate, then God can never be found. 
      • ~ You will find God every single day if you are able to live in the strong feeling that God is always with you, that whenever you call She will come, that you don’t have to get worried, that whatever is happening in your life is happening for your ultimate good and for you to learn from it. 
      • ~ To explain this in depth, Babaji narrated a story.  A poor farmer once approached a pandit, who had fooled him saying He meets with Lord Shiva everyday. The farmer always had this strong urge to see Lord Shiva and when asked how could he also meet God, the pandit dismissed him off saying one has to offer the Lord bhog (meal offering) before having his meals. The simpleton taking the pandit’s advise seriously, went to the temple near his farm and sat besides the Shiva Linga and before eating his food, he offered a share of it to the Lord  For him offering bhog meant that the Lord would himself come in person to partake it. Nothing happened.  The simple farmer continued toiling his farm without eating food as He wondered why the bhog remained untouched and why the Lord was not coming. This went on for days, but on the fifth day Lord Shiva appeared from the Shivalinga and sat besides him. The farmer was very happy and at the same time angry and asked the Lord what took Him so many days to come whereas He would come to the pandit everyday. The Lord pleased with his utmost simplicity promised him that He would come everyday to have food. The farmer immediately excitedly asked the Lord to have the rotis and onions that was kept for him stating that the Lord would not feel hungry. When the farmer met the pandit, he expressed his gratitude to him for helping him know how to meet God, to which the pandit was perplexed and asked what was he talking about. The famer revealed all that had happened and also added that currently he was even bringing more quantity of food with double-roti so that Lord Shiva was contended and that after the Lord ate, he would eat his meals. The pandit told him that since so many years he was regularly involved in the worship of Lord Shiva, but he never even had a glimpse of Him and here is this farmer who actually sits and eats food with him. Babaji mentioned here that the farmer thought it was the offering of food that made the Lord come but in reality it was his very simple, sincere yet strong bhaav of love and belief that made even the Lord of Lords come to him.
      • ~ I am telling you what ShivYog is.  Merging with the infinite.  ShivYog is your emotions and intentions. If your intentions are intense and pure then you will certainly meet Him. 
      • ~ Once I went to a place where there was a temple of Lord Shiva that was built by the pandavas and on top of the mountain was a Siddha’s cave.  A villager went to the Siddha and pleaded that he too wished to become like him. The Siddha asked them to close their eyes and sit besides him and that they would get the wisdom. The villager asked how would he ever be able to know that he has received the wisdom. The Siddha picked up a small stone and asked him to keep it in his mouth and that the day the stone would become mishri (candy), he would know that he has received it all. A few years passed and his wisdom eventually increased.  The sadhna (of merging) had given him everything. 
      • ~ I repeat again - all the wisdom of scriptures and mantras are within you.  When your sense organs turn from outward to inward you begin receiving it. 
      • ~ My Guru had told me not to read books; but that I am the book myself and that I have to go within. The wisdom includes the wisdom of merging with the infinite. I got the wisdom. I did not read books but only did sadhna and did noble deeds as advised by my Guru. 
      • ~ If you ask a learned person what is the noblest pious deed he may ask you to take a dip in the Ganges, go on pilgrimage, etc. .. these also are good deeds for sure but what my Guru told me was that the noblest action (karma) was to feed the hungry. 
      • ~ You only have to bring in the sincere bhaav, He is the doer, He will provide with everything.
      • ~ A real devotee of God is not the one who eyewashes, who read four holy verses, who rings the bell, but a true ShivYogi is the who gets involved and assists in the welfare of the creation of the creator with full of love. 
      • ~ Get inolved in Go Seva; I am not talking religion here but I am talking to you about spirituality, about ShivYog because the cow is involved in the balance of nature and you helping cows means you are automatically helping this process. 
      • ~ You who are doing Shakti sadhna will see a constant change in your thoughts and behavior and reactions to incidents in daily life. 
      • ~ My dear ShivYog sadhaks, be persistent in your sadhna and if you wish to increase your energies, change your attitude (emotions) towards sadhna and the Divine. That is shraddha, bhakti and vishwaas. (trust, devotion and faith) towards God. 
      • ~ Start conversing at least first, start asking at least.  Don’t ask once and leave, be consistent in your emotion and prayers. 
      • ~ This should be our bhaav, but our bhaav instead is on ‘How can I trouble that person? How can I make others feel inferior? How can I show others how powerful I am? 
      • ~ Now after you learn how to organize Maata Ki Chowki, go and enjoy it. Organize Maata Ki Chowki in your localities. You have been organizing DJ parties and drinks, now organize Maata Ki Chowki. 
      • ~ I strongly request you to quit alcohol. This is one major cause of downfall and negative energies get dominant with it.
      • ~ Dedicate 2-3 hours out of your 24 hours in purifying your Self with sadhna, seva and sankirtan. 
      • ~ Take His name in these hours atleast because God knows for the rest of the hours what all do you speak and what all your think with your mind.  And, thinking and speaking inferior things is invoking the evil.
      • ~ Inumerable Siddhas have come into your life since so many lifetimes and all of them have come with just that one purpose that you don’t wander off the path and that you finally merge with Him.
      .....to be continued