Thursday, 28 February 2013

Calendar ~ Mar 2013


Namah Shivaya. For those who use the computer, here comes a desktop calendar for the month of March 2013. Using it not only generates divine vibes from the Guru but also keeps one reminded of the Guru's nectar words, that will nourish one towards one's highest goal of life - liberation from all bondage.

In this message Babaji asks what is it that one is seeking outside so desperately? So much of importance and focus laid on rituals, fasts, anushtaans... Babaji was mentioning about the importance of festivals and the sacred practices involved in every festival. Laying importance to the external practices, Babaji emphasized the importance of having internal enthusiasm to bring fruit to the external practices. He said that until one is awakened from within the ritual will only will remain a ritual. He added, "If you ever have to do an anushtaan, light a lamp in your heart."

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