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Pearls from Gurgaon Shivir - 1

Pearls from Gurgaon Shivir (Feb 2013) 

Just three days left for the opening of the shivir and the Leisure Valley Grounds were being prepared for another mega event - Babaji's Navratri Shakti Sadhna shivir.  A huge crowd was expected as this shivir was a new offering from Babaji and moreover, this was the first shivir that Babaji was to grace after a long time in secluded sadhna.  Soon, with just three days left for the shivir to begin, heavy rains lashed Gurgaon and it rained heavily; in a way it never happened during monsoons also. The whole ShivYog team were engaged in every way and left no stone unturned. When things were done, with just a day left, the rains poured again and did not stop.  The dark clouds were announced by news channels to be around for the next 3 days - which meant a wet season into the first two days of shivir too!  Though these sudden change of climatic events was totally unexpected, ShivYog sadhaks seva team yet made quick plans and did every to protect the seating grounds, using JCB to excavate the sandy soil that had become mucky, and finding means to pump water out of the grounds and wondering what rain proof solutions could be provided.

Back in the ashram, Babaji was in His usual calm self, even discussing important things in His usual smiley mode. Leave aside the thought of the next day event, it appeared as though for Him there were no rains itself.

The final night passed with the rain unwilling to stop and at the same time  sadhaks too unwilling to stop.  Next day, evening 4 p.m. was the scheduled shivir time and it was morning but still dark and raining. With weather forecast not showing any mercy, everyone just continued to do whatever they needed to do to keep things to the mark. Then, something mysterious began happening. At around 12 noon, suddenly the sun showed up and within an hour the entire sky was blue! People who anticipated that the program would begin late because of the weather were surprised to see Babaji walking into the stage at the destined time.

As Babaji walked in, a group of folk singers from Haryana performed a rich cultural song with two little boys dancing to the traditional beats of the huge drums on the stage.

Babaji was applied the tilak and worn the traditional pagadi. It seemed Babaji was enjoying the performance of the rural artists. Close to 15,000 people had gathered to be a part of this sacred shivir, to receive initiation and learn the Navratri Shakti Sadhna.

As the music died down, Babaji began with the words, “A ShivYogi never complains, but creates…” This He pointed out to the sudden worries that had sprouted in the minds of everyone due to sudden changes in weather.

Baba said that the Divine Mother had been certainly taking test of ShivYogis with this unexpected downpour.  He laughingly mentioned, “Mother said, ‘Watch how sadhaks will come running to you worried about the situation” to which Babaji replied that He was sure that ShivYogis would be firm and that how many times ever the ground would be flooded, they would attempt to make it dry, be it day or night. Then with a glee Baba said, “….but when I saw it rained even overnight, I said, ‘Maa, now I am not complaining but I am praying; please stop it now.”  There was a huge laughter. Then He added that the seva sadhaks had passed this test 100/100 to which there was a roar of “Har Har Mahadev” and applause.  Babaji added that during these days of confusion, not even a single time did any seva sadhak come to Him and talk about the climate or what was to be done, but silently did what had to be done.  He blessed all the sadhaks who had brought in this powerful wave of devotion and trust.

And, so began the shivir with the bhajan to Lord Ganapathy ‘Vigna Vinashak Ganapathy Naad…”

After that, every single day the shivir went on for five hours filled with bhajans, teachings, stories from scriptures and their in-depth meaning, the subtle meaning of Durga Saptshati Paat and teaching of the Navratri Shakti Sadhna. Mass shaktipat took place along with healings at the end of every day as Babaji initiated and raised the vibrations for the benefit of all present.

Babaji even exclusively did the “Mata Ki Chowki” on the first and last day, even ordering CDs to be made on the request of people gathered who wanted to take home back with them and replay the magic of this “Mata Ki Chowki” in Babaji's voice and form.

Every night ended with the thousands being served with the bhandara (holy food) with the help of the seva team.

Following are the pearls gathered from the entire shivir:
  • ~ God can be reached with simplicity and bhaav and not any show-offs. 
  • ~ My sadhna has been for don’t know how many years, but whenever when I threw away wisdom and focused on my bhaav, I went into Samadhi. 
  • ~ If you feel that you and God are separate, then God can never be found. 
  • ~ You will find God every single day if you are able to live in the strong feeling that God is always with you, that whenever you call She will come, that you don’t have to get worried, that whatever is happening in your life is happening for your ultimate good and for you to learn from it. 
  • ~ To explain this in depth, Babaji narrated a story.  A poor farmer once approached a pandit, who had fooled him saying He meets with Lord Shiva everyday. The farmer always had this strong urge to see Lord Shiva and when asked how could he also meet God, the pandit dismissed him off saying one has to offer the Lord bhog (meal offering) before having his meals. The simpleton taking the pandit’s advise seriously, went to the temple near his farm and sat besides the Shiva Linga and before eating his food, he offered a share of it to the Lord  For him offering bhog meant that the Lord would himself come in person to partake it. Nothing happened.  The simple farmer continued toiling his farm without eating food as He wondered why the bhog remained untouched and why the Lord was not coming. This went on for days, but on the fifth day Lord Shiva appeared from the Shivalinga and sat besides him. The farmer was very happy and at the same time angry and asked the Lord what took Him so many days to come whereas He would come to the pandit everyday. The Lord pleased with his utmost simplicity promised him that He would come everyday to have food. The farmer immediately excitedly asked the Lord to have the rotis and onions that was kept for him stating that the Lord would not feel hungry. When the farmer met the pandit, he expressed his gratitude to him for helping him know how to meet God, to which the pandit was perplexed and asked what was he talking about. The famer revealed all that had happened and also added that currently he was even bringing more quantity of food with double-roti so that Lord Shiva was contended and that after the Lord ate, he would eat his meals. The pandit told him that since so many years he was regularly involved in the worship of Lord Shiva, but he never even had a glimpse of Him and here is this farmer who actually sits and eats food with him. Babaji mentioned here that the farmer thought it was the offering of food that made the Lord come but in reality it was his very simple, sincere yet strong bhaav of love and belief that made even the Lord of Lords come to him.
  • ~ I am telling you what ShivYog is.  Merging with the infinite.  ShivYog is your emotions and intentions. If your intentions are intense and pure then you will certainly meet Him. 
  • ~ Once I went to a place where there was a temple of Lord Shiva that was built by the pandavas and on top of the mountain was a Siddha’s cave.  A villager went to the Siddha and pleaded that he too wished to become like him. The Siddha asked them to close their eyes and sit besides him and that they would get the wisdom. The villager asked how would he ever be able to know that he has received the wisdom. The Siddha picked up a small stone and asked him to keep it in his mouth and that the day the stone would become mishri (candy), he would know that he has received it all. A few years passed and his wisdom eventually increased.  The sadhna (of merging) had given him everything. 
  • ~ I repeat again - all the wisdom of scriptures and mantras are within you.  When your sense organs turn from outward to inward you begin receiving it. 
  • ~ My Guru had told me not to read books; but that I am the book myself and that I have to go within. The wisdom includes the wisdom of merging with the infinite. I got the wisdom. I did not read books but only did sadhna and did noble deeds as advised by my Guru. 
  • ~ If you ask a learned person what is the noblest pious deed he may ask you to take a dip in the Ganges, go on pilgrimage, etc. .. these also are good deeds for sure but what my Guru told me was that the noblest action (karma) was to feed the hungry. 
  • ~ You only have to bring in the sincere bhaav, He is the doer, He will provide with everything.
  • ~ A real devotee of God is not the one who eyewashes, who read four holy verses, who rings the bell, but a true ShivYogi is the who gets involved and assists in the welfare of the creation of the creator with full of love. 
  • ~ Get inolved in Go Seva; I am not talking religion here but I am talking to you about spirituality, about ShivYog because the cow is involved in the balance of nature and you helping cows means you are automatically helping this process. 
  • ~ You who are doing Shakti sadhna will see a constant change in your thoughts and behavior and reactions to incidents in daily life. 
  • ~ My dear ShivYog sadhaks, be persistent in your sadhna and if you wish to increase your energies, change your attitude (emotions) towards sadhna and the Divine. That is shraddha, bhakti and vishwaas. (trust, devotion and faith) towards God. 
  • ~ Start conversing at least first, start asking at least.  Don’t ask once and leave, be consistent in your emotion and prayers. 
  • ~ This should be our bhaav, but our bhaav instead is on ‘How can I trouble that person? How can I make others feel inferior? How can I show others how powerful I am? 
  • ~ Now after you learn how to organize Maata Ki Chowki, go and enjoy it. Organize Maata Ki Chowki in your localities. You have been organizing DJ parties and drinks, now organize Maata Ki Chowki. 
  • ~ I strongly request you to quit alcohol. This is one major cause of downfall and negative energies get dominant with it.
  • ~ Dedicate 2-3 hours out of your 24 hours in purifying your Self with sadhna, seva and sankirtan. 
  • ~ Take His name in these hours atleast because God knows for the rest of the hours what all do you speak and what all your think with your mind.  And, thinking and speaking inferior things is invoking the evil.
  • ~ Inumerable Siddhas have come into your life since so many lifetimes and all of them have come with just that one purpose that you don’t wander off the path and that you finally merge with Him. be continued


  1. Namah Shivay !!! Shivyog Teachings not Changed but I am learning new lessons in every Shivir. My Babaji is Supreme Consciousness and he is lifting me from Lower Truth to Higher Truth gradually. Hey Gurudev......Give me more Purity and Devotion !!!!!!

  2. Jai Shiva! after reading your articles it seems that my inner conscience is trying to convey the message of what really Shiv Yog is and how one can change the self consciousness by Sadhana (meditation) of oneself by serving the humanity to help others. Babaji I want to know how I can volunteer myself to help our poor children in INDIA please give me some power of creating myself to the infinite to reach my goal.I feel proud about my country INDIA where I studied and know the true meaning of our Rishis and great Saints. It's fortunate to be born in India where the knowledge is abundant in every sphere of life. Listening to Babaji soothes my soul to wake up every day and search for true meaning of life and that is 'Give Unconditional Love' and "You are the creator of your own Destiny"

  3. Koti Koti pranaam babaji. Please bless me babaji that l can heal myself of all the diseases. ... lots n lots of gratitude n lots of love, love u


  5. Baba ji i would luv to have next shiver somewhere in west delhi. om namah shivayae---

  6. Namah Shivay Babaji. Pl. heal me to recover from my dieses.

  7. The beautiful sceneric view for the one who were physically not present at the shivir.
    Thanks a lot for the nishkam seva by the crew of "From the Masters" and "Facebook" of "SHIVYOG"
    Koti Koti Charan arpit Pranam GURU DEV, GURU MAA
    Looking for more energy lifting posts-->

  8. Namah Shivay! As Babaji says create what you want!
    For last couple of months I was creating and visualising a Shivir in Gurgaon in Babaji's presence and within few months my wish was fulfilled. Babaji,Gurumaa thanks and we love you.


  10. Thanks Babaji and Maa.
    It was my first shivir.
    Please always with me.


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