Thursday, 21 March 2013

Guru Vakyam

With the feedbacks received from you all, we wish to share that it is good to know that you have been enjoying the Guru Vakyam weekly video messages of Babaji. These video posts are made so that one pick up that message and make an attempt to follow and practice that teaching throughout the week in one's practical life.

This video will appear on the bottom of the page. However, these will also continue appearing on the Guru Vakyam collection page, which can be found from the above top menu link in "From The Master".

From the television episodes having been a boon to millions who gained wisdom and understanding of life and had the opportunity of tuning in to learn to heal themselves and become better human beings, these videos have become a boon to so many people across the globe, thanks to the internet that helped in spreading the message of Babaji. You too have been an instrument in Babaji's divine when you shared it with others with even a simple intention of helping someone in any way. Do continue sharing the light from these videos, this blog, website, Facebook community, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube mediums. Please continue lighting the lamp across far and wide for the benefit of all. Namah Shivaya.


  1. Please write pearls from Ahmedabad....we are waiting

  2. we definitely will continue sharing,in thought, word and deed.namah shivaya

  3. "GURU VAKYAM PARAM VAKYAM" one follows the words of the Guru, passes through the dimensions as if a cotton carried by just the slight smooth breeze.......the love of the Guru and makes everything possible that existed, exists and will exist....the Union of the Guru with the disciple is the bond held beyond the knowledge of man.....but known only by the wisdom of the God.....the Supreme the Supreme is the Infinite so is the Guru..........


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