Monday, 18 February 2013

Pearls from Gurgaon Shivir - 3

  • ~ Every month also there is Navratri, that is, the 9 days of 'Maas Navratri' every month and if possible you can make these 9 days blend into your life and be blessed.
  • ~ All who are sitting here in the Mata Ki Chowki, Mother says that when you need her invoke her and she shall come and help you. Words may be mine but the Mother assures this.
  • ~ Mother says that she is in every particle of this creation but when an intense devotee calls her, she takes a form.
  • ~ Whenever you want to do satsang, burn a lamp for the Mother and sit together.  Meditate on Her and pray to her.  Pray to the Guru and invoke Him. Meditate of Lord Ganapathy and invoke His presence.  Invoke Lakshmi Narayan and call them.  Meditate on Shiv-Shiva and pray, "Hey Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati, I bow to you and pray that You come.." and install them in the Meru/idol. Pray to Navdurga and install Her. "...I invoke Dus Mahavidhya Shakti and pray that all your 10 Mahavidhya shakti get installed here. We have all gathered here to receive your blessing and grace. Take away our pains and worries..."Sadhna twice a day will keep purifying you. When you deviate from sadhna and live such lifestyles you develop very bad ego - the mahishasur.
  • ~ In my travel around the globe, I see all types of egos - from the 'I' to the spiritual ego.
  • ~ Regular sadhna finishes off the sadhak's 'I'.
  • ~ The ego adapts itself - even the poor have ego of being so poor.
  • ~ Then, there is the ego of taking pictures and putting it up everywhere so that one is known.
  • ~ The ego keeps changing form like the mahishasura changed forms from buffalo to tiger (symbolic) when attacked by the Mother.
  • ~ When the I'ness begins to crop up in a sadhak, know that Mahishasura is aroused. Invoke the Mother immediately.
  • ~ All are not happy with what they receive but they become more unhappy looking around at those who have received more than them.
  • ~ It is all in your bhaav - if you bhaav is pure then you will have a beautiful life and if impure, then one makes life hell.
  • ~ Rakta beej (blood seed, that according to the mythology is the demon who on every blood drop multiplied, who was destroyed by Maa Durga, is the symbolic representation of karmic multiplication of every seed sown, seed meaning every karma or act) is prarabdh karma. Just as the rakta beej multiplies, same happens when one does a karma that creates another karma and thus multiplying the prarabdh bhog.
  • ~ God does not punish you. The difficulties that you have in liefa are not punishments but are indications that you are going wrong and to take heed, to not be lost in bhog and material pleasures at all time, not to be immersed in false glories and name and fame.
  • ~ You cry and fret and fume and should out your miseries out to the world, but the ignorance is such that you don't do tapas.
  • ~ The more the difficulties, the more should be the sadhna, prana kriyas, sankirtans, good deeds, but we rather cry and exhaust ourselves in complaints.
  • ~ Work towards daily living but out of the 24 hours spend 2-3 hours in sadhna and nourish your prana.
  • ~ Who are you to change others? If you have to change anyone, change yourself.
  • ~ Until you attain self-realization work on yourself.
  • ~ How can I see other's negativities and shortcomings when I am myself filled with it? Accept everyone the way they are.
  • ~ Jab koi baat bigad jaaye.... When things are fine, take His name and it will remain fine. When things go wrong, take His name and it will become fine.
  • ~ Don't settle for small things but ask for the biggest.

  • ~ I remember my earlier days when I left home telling my mother that I am going towards the Himalayas and she gave me money, but I refused telling her that He will take care.
  • ~ I remember those days when I used to eat food, like puri-sabzi, little by little, preserving the food for days together.  Never did the food get spoilt or would one fall sick eating that food. Today, if the food is more than a day old, people sniff the food.
  • ~ I remember those days often (with moist eyes).... the scent of the earth, the moments in solitude, the wilderness... but the problem is I love you also and you keep pulling me...
  • ~ Don't get bored with life. People buy everything, eat everything and finally try out everything and then get bored with life... fed up with life. This is because they sought only little things. Long for Him and connect with Him.
  • ~ Some say they are karma yogis and what is the need for meditation. Karma yog does not just mean digging the earth but closing your eyes and contemplating is also karma yog. Karma yog is not just checking shares and balance sheets but it is also going within, lighting up within and checking your balance sheet of karmas.  Karma yog is not just organizing parties but also organizing Mata Ki Chowki.
  • ~ Let your child become independent. Guide them but let them live and learn. There is a saying that the things that don't kill you make you stronger. 
  • ~ Golden Book is not a magic box I have given you. It is a mean to give you direction but if you do not have deep desire from within then even if you write a 1000 times it will not work.  To know what to write, you first have to identify what you really want and what you have come on earth to do?
  • ~ All ShivYogis must live their life as though it was their last day.
  • ~ Ask yourself everyday if anything has been left pending and if so, work on that taks on priority.
  • ~ If failure comes, don't sit there and brood and get disheartened, but find the root cause of it and what was the lesson in it for you and work towards rectifying it.
  • ~ A true ShivYogi is the one who learns a lesson from every incident or failure.
  • ~ I was told in my childhood that there is a diamond in every failure. Great is the one who finds the diamond. Average is the one who justifies for every failure.
  • ~ Consider yourself lucky or fortunate when you become the medium in spreading the Durga Saptshati (through shivirs). The more it reaches to people, the more it would benefit all and the more fortunate you can consider yourself.
  • ~ Do not leave your roots, your culture because in this Indian culture is deeply rooted the wisdom, simplicity and truth.
  • ~ Learn to say 'NO!' with confidence.
  • ~ When someone offers a cigarette saying "sab peethe hai" (everyone smokes), you just say, "baaki sab bhed bakri hai, anek hai, sher ek hai." (Cows and sheep are always many in number, rare is a tiger amongst them.)
  • ~ There is no harm in learning from children. Become friends with them. Why do kids run out? Because they want friends and if you cannot be their friends they will constantly seek friendship outside. If you can be their friend, they will not seek outside as they will love your company.
  • ~ First earn the right to scold children. It's certainly not that only you can scold; sometimes receive from them also.
  • ~ The 'teen' age is the age to build your adulthood. In teenage is engraved the foundation for adulthood.
  • ~ If they live like labour during the teens (13 to 19 years) with hard work and saying "NO!" with confidence, then in their adult life, they will live like a king.  And, if they live like a kind during their teenage, they will live like a labour in their adult life.
  • ~ Do not become a Hitler, beat or scold them. They get broken, sometimes for their entire life they can remain broken. It is a great sin to do so.
  • ~ Praise them when they do good work and they will look forward to do good work again.
  • ~ With scoldings, they hide in their cocoons and not come in front of you and your family wil start breaking.
  • ~ An ignorant will start expecting or judging when a person comes in front of them; not necessarily at their physical presence but also in thoughts.
  • ~ Everyone is aware of darkness but ask the sun about darkness.  The sun will ask, "What is that?" and that is because the sun does not know what darkness is because everything that comes in it's presense is lit up. The sun never even tries to drive away darkness because when darkness comes in front of the sun, it just becomes light. A ShivYogi should be like the sun who can never see anyone's darkness and in whose presence every the darkened ones become light.
  • ~ People come to me and say, "I have a problem. Please listen to me." I say do the Durga Saptshati but they will say, "That is okay but please listen to my problem." What is the use of listening to the depth and width of your problem? That is why I don't meet anyone.
  • ~ Spread the light by which people can start loving each other.
  • ~ The biggest religion is humanity.
  • ~ You get up at home and run towards temples.  Make your home itself a temple.  If you are able to do this, then I can call you my disciples.  Never, never, never bring harshness in your tone (voice and speech). People who hurt others cannot be my disciples.
  • ~ Whether a disciple knows or not, the Guru knows that the person is his disciple.  The Guru will never go and say that he is his disciple but will wait for him to walk on the Guru's path before accepting him as his disciple.
End of Gurgaon Shivir Notes


      1. Thank You Babaji and Lots of Love Babaji

      2. Thankyou babaji for accepting me as your disciple.

      3. Thank you Babaji for the priceless pearls namah shivaya

      4. Reading these messages giving my energy a lift.......

      5. Mai delhi me nahi tha aur shivir attend nahi kar paya...
        Mujhe nahi pata ki mai Aapka shishya hu ki nahi.. par Aap humesha mere GURU ho. Shivir me Aapke shabd kisi bhi anmol khajane se kahi zaada anmol hai. Is beshumar khazane ko hum tak fir se pahuchane ke liye apka jitna bhi dhanyavad karu wo kam lagta hai.

        Aapse ek hi guzarish hai mere baba

        "Satguru mai teri patang, hawa vich udti jawangi
        BABA dor hattho chhaddi na mai katti jawangi"

        Love you hamesha..................

        1. Dear *unknown*

          Aapne bhaav se jisse bhi apna Guru maan liya hai aur unke bathaye raasthe par chal rahe hai toh aap uss Guru ke shishya bane. Praarthna karna aur jis bhi vidhi se (dhyan, sankirtan, seva) unse judh sakthe ho, jude rehna, aur aap dekhenge aap jald hi koi shivir mein pahuch jaoge. Namah Shivaya.

      6. Thank you Bhagwan

        I Love you

        Ram Kishan Agarwala

      7. Sri Sri Avdhoot Babaji
        Mere Priya Bhagwan
        Charan Sparsh
        Guru ji apki puja karne ka bahut mann hai.Apne jo hume shakti di hai uske liye apko naman karta hoon. apke liye :
        Bhagwan teri taswir sirhane rakh kar sote hai,
        yahi soch kar apne dono nain bhigote hai,
        kabhi to taswir se nikloge kabhi to mere bhagwan pighloge.

        ye bhakt mandal sara tera gungan kare,
        aisa var hume devo ghar ghar tera naam kare,
        wo shakti hume de do teri seva kar payen.
        gurudeo daya karke mujhko apna lena,
        main saran pada teri charno me jagah dena
        jai jai ram hare rama rama rama hare hare
        jai jai krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare

        Mere gurudeo aap palhe sabhi par kripa karna phir jo bhi bache hume dena

        Apka das

        Ram Kishan Agarwala

      8. Thank You and love you Babaji, Namah Shivaya

      9. Pranam Babaji. Namah Shivay. Babaji you are always with me. I see you all around me and i am grateful to you for your blessings. I happened to see you in real during Kurushehtra sadhna when you came to see us in the tents with maaji and you blessed me exactly with the same words that i wish for myself. Babaji i have seen you in my dream that you have come to my house wearing shirt & pant and seeing my whole house. I believe its a true fact. Please bless me and my Golden Book. Thanks a lot. Please forgive if i'm wrong.


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