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Seva Opportunity for Durga Saptshati Shivirs

Lakhs of ShivYog sadhaks experienced the Divine Mother’s grace directly into their homes and lives with the multiple group practices of Durga Saptshati Sadhna in the year 2012.  All made possible with the divine blessings of Avdhoot Baba Shivanand and the joint work of so many dedicated sadhaks who were selflessly involved in making the mission of their Guru a reality by arranging for mass shivirs throughout the world.  Also, during the transition period of December 21, 2012, lakhs of sadhaks were involved in the powerful chants of Durga Saptshati all at the same time period, something that seemed like a global invocation of the Divine Mother and global chants in a mass choir.  The effects of this global work was evidently powerful in the lives of sadhaks ensuring smooth transition during this crucial period.

Babaji was very happy with the divine task that was carried out by the global ShivYog family.
While Babaji spent a long time in seclusion praying for humanity and welfare of sadhaks, many dedicated sadhaks came forward to carry forth this light that was ignited by their Guru.

Thus, the mission of “Jyot se Jyot Jagao” took a beautiful form with the mass organization of Durga Saptshati Shivirs throughout the world.

These shivirs were organized with such dedication and uniqueness that lakhs of people who attended the shivir were initiated and blessed to be bring the Durga Sapshati Beej Mantra Sadhna into their daily lives. 

Thousands of reporting of healing and divine experiences through mails, letters and phone calls with photographs of sightings of divine globules flooded our ashram during these shivirs.  This was a very strong reassurance to everyone of Babaji’s promise of being present in these shivirs.
After the divine mission of lighting the lamp into the darker corners of the world was initiated by Babaji in the end of 2012, this year 2013 would mark the wondrous spread of this mission and so more and more of such Durga Saptshati Shivirs will be organized this year.  Babaji whole-heartedly blessed all the sadhaks who came forward to take the lead in organizing Babaji’s shivirs in their localities.
Nishkaam seva (selfless service) is one major aspect that Babaji has always attributed as a fine quality of a ShivYogi and the fruits of which will bring in great results if done with pure intentions.  The seva of organizing a shivir is one such seva which is a great opportunity for those who wish to be a part of the divine mission because when a sadhak takes this initiative he/she is not only doing direct seva to the Guru but also becoming a powerful instrument for the Guru to carry out His life mission of bringing light into the darkness of millions of lives.  The good karma earned by helping bring one soul to light is immense and when one has the opportunity of bringing so many souls to light the karmic merits are immeasurable.  Thus, Babaji wishes to extend this opportunity to anyone who comes forward in this initiative.  The only eligibility as Babaji says, is pure intention of serving humanity with compassionate love.

Just on one instruction from the Guru, hundreds of sadhaks came forward and dedicated their time, energy, money, talents, and sincerity in this work.

Babaji being very happy with their dedication gestured his love with grace by deciding to call upon these workers of the Divine to enhance them further with Durga Saptshati Intensives.  Lately, the process began when Babaji decided to call upon the first batch to the Lucknow ashram, where close to 150 such sadhaks who had organized Durga Saptshati shivirs, gathered in the ashram and lived 6 days in the presence of the Master, learning and practicing deeper sadhnas from Babaji himself.  These intensives mark the preparation of these blessed sadhaks who would continue spreading the light to all corners of the world this year.  He wishes to enhance the sadhaks who regularly are involved in conducting Durga Saptshati shivirs with intensive sadhna in Durga Saptshati so that they can go back and serve God and the Guru being even more empowered by Babaji’s blessings and grace.  Babaji announced that any sadhak who could organize a minimum of 11 shivirs can come forward to attend the week-long intensive exclusively in the ashram environment under Babaji’s presence and guidance.
Durga Saptshati Intensive - Lucknow Ashram
So, now the opportunity of organizing shivirs at your location is fully open and if you are one of those enthusiasts who wish to be involved in this great mission, feel free to write to us at or speak to us on 9999985961, 9999985962, 9999985963.  Your interest would be received with love and you would be provided with this opportunity.  You can avail all details from us after you register yourself with us for this sacred mission.  Jyotse Jyot Jagao.  Namah Shivaya.

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