Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rhythm of Universe LIVE on Net


In the year 2012 Babaji gifted a magical night in Mumbai with the divine concert "Rhythm of Universe" with hours of chants and bhajans with live music.  The Rhythm of Universe is aimed at going deeper with sankirtan so as to connect and listen within to the anhad naad (unstruck sound) which is the celestial sound, the universal sound of OM.  Babaji teaches that everything in this creation has erupted from that celestial rhythm of OM. Everything in this creation is thus in rhythm.

To connect to this original source, we chant, we sing, we dance, 
we surrender, we merge...

One such divine opportunity to do it all... 
this Maha Shivratri... 
in rhythm with Babaji... 

March 10, 2013
3 pm onwards
Reshimbag Ground, Near Umrer Road, Reshimbag, Nagpur

The following days (11-15 Mar 2013) Babaji will bless everyone with
ShivYog Navratri Shakti Sadhna

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  1. Namah Shivay Babaji

    March 10th is shivyogi's night for Maha Shivratri and its a great creation to watch the live telecast for those sadhaks who cannot reach NAGPUR for the live BrahmNaad-The RHYTHM OF UNIVERSE concern.
    Babaji Please requesting for the live telecast of the event "RHYTHM OF UNIVERSE" on the official site of shivyog as we received the grace from the so happened ultimate online initiation of the Navratri Durga-Saptashati Sadhana at

    Please Babaji grace us with Rhythm of Universe on THE MAHASHIVRATRI DAY:-)
    My heartful gratitude for the seva team for the live shivir from MUMBAI
    :-) Namah Shivay :-)

  2. Please have a online telecast , so that people overseas can watch it too as we do not have a astha channel

  3. Pls have online telecast like in Mumbai so that everyone can enjoy mahashivratri with babajee.I am sure many people do not have astha channel overseas so please help us we to want to watch rhythm of universe live :)

  4. Thanks Baba jee for Blessing us always.Thanks to the whole sewa team behing this Live web streaming from Nagpur.Pl provide us Good audio/video through High broadband Bandwidth so that we get good quality thorugh web streaming,During mumbai telecast It got scrambled sometimes during webcast it might be due to less Internet bandwidth.Namah Shivay.

  5. Koti Koti Pranam Gurudev....:-) :-) :-)
    Dhanyawad mere pyare shivyogio
    Namah Shivay :-) :-) :-) :-)

  6. Thank you So much live you babajee and admin Love you thanks for understanding :)

  7. namah shivay and thanks for this opportunity to be happy and getting a pure childlike delight .Gurudev ke charanon me koti-koti naman

  8. thank u Babaji n Ma for live telecast of Rythem of Universe on the Day of Mahashivratri.

  9. namah shivaya.thankyou babaji .while sitting and watching ...I felt want to get up and dance with my babaji......pls when ever babaji comes to south Africa we all want to dance with rythem of universe with our dear dear babaji and ma

  10. Dear Babaji,

    Namah shivah!, Thank U so much babaji for having live telecast from nagpur shivir.I had attented the whole shivir.Thanks so much for giving ur blessing & maa durga blessing who are coonected to u online.Please Connect with us regularly like this only , because we need your Blessings a lot.Please please babaji get connected like this only

  11. Thank you very very much to BABAJI and all those who had their contribution in making the webcast viewable.


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