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Thursday, 28 March 2013

A token of Gratitude

One of the major teachings of ShivYog is the attitude of gratitude.  We receive so much from creation and many times are unable to repay back in the same intensity. What can one give God when he does so much for us? What can one give the Guru who does the greatest task of showing the path of illumination to all who otherwise can risk moving away from the light? What can one give back nature that sustains us with life through the oxygen we receive from trees and the food we receive from earth? How can one pay back to parents who birth us and raise us up making compromises in their lives? How can one repay back to such major debts we receive from all these forms of the Divine? Babaji says that it is Gratitude that helps repaying back. Gratitude is a deep expression that comes from the strong feeling of thanksgiving and unconditional love for anything we receive.

Babaji has been constantly blessing, healing and praying for the multitude through shivirs, free healings and even when not doing shivirs praying everyday for the well being of all. We keep receiving testimonials from many sadhaks who offer it as a gratitude towards the healing they received in various walks of life. If you have received the blessings do not hesitate to write to us about your experiences with healing in any form, be it in relationships, physical healing, emotional healing, prayers being answered, or how you manifested what you desired...

Babaji has conveyed that he is constantly praying daily for every sadhak's well being. Shortly, new pages will show up for healing requests and a special page for gratitude, in which we encourage sadhaks who have received healing and have had their prayer requests answered to write to us with their name, age, address and details of healing received. If you have been blessed in any way, you too can take this opportunity to express your gratitude and write to us at feedback@shivyog.com. Namah Shivay.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Happy Birthday to all!

March 26, 2013
Though Birthdays may not hold any major celebration for you since every day is a celebration for you. But, for us your Birthday will always hold great significance and a reason to celebrate because with this day you were gifted to us.

With this day, you entered a realm of the physical, the only dimension where finite humans with limitations can be connected to with the limitations of the five senses, for the only reason that we rise above these and reach the infinite.

You who give everyone the very best of life deserve the best gift from all of us, your children.

You who need nothing, what can we offer you as gifts?
We offer you today our earnest desire to transcend human limitations.

We offer you today our commitments to become better human beings.

We offer you today to follow whole-heartedly what you teach us.

We offer you today the commitment of self-transformation through the sadhna and practices that you shared with us.

For we know that working on our own selves with pure intentions and merging with you and light is the best gift we can give to ourselves, to humanity and to You.

You deserve the best, and we give you the best.... the best that you brought out in us.

We give ourselves back to you.

Happy Birthday to all of us.

Namah Shivay

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Guru Vakyam

With the feedbacks received from you all, we wish to share that it is good to know that you have been enjoying the Guru Vakyam weekly video messages of Babaji. These video posts are made so that one pick up that message and make an attempt to follow and practice that teaching throughout the week in one's practical life.

This video will appear on the bottom of the page. However, these will also continue appearing on the Guru Vakyam collection page, which can be found from the above top menu link in "From The Master".

From the television episodes having been a boon to millions who gained wisdom and understanding of life and had the opportunity of tuning in to learn to heal themselves and become better human beings, these videos have become a boon to so many people across the globe, thanks to the internet that helped in spreading the message of Babaji. You too have been an instrument in Babaji's divine when you shared it with others with even a simple intention of helping someone in any way. Do continue sharing the light from these videos, this blog, website, Facebook community, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube mediums. Please continue lighting the lamp across far and wide for the benefit of all. Namah Shivaya.

Friday, 8 March 2013

LIVE Web Stream - ShivYog Satsang, Hyderabad

This live web streaming is only for March 16, 2013

For more details on the Hyderabad Shivir click here

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rhythm of Universe LIVE on Net


In the year 2012 Babaji gifted a magical night in Mumbai with the divine concert "Rhythm of Universe" with hours of chants and bhajans with live music.  The Rhythm of Universe is aimed at going deeper with sankirtan so as to connect and listen within to the anhad naad (unstruck sound) which is the celestial sound, the universal sound of OM.  Babaji teaches that everything in this creation has erupted from that celestial rhythm of OM. Everything in this creation is thus in rhythm.

To connect to this original source, we chant, we sing, we dance, 
we surrender, we merge...

One such divine opportunity to do it all... 
this Maha Shivratri... 
in rhythm with Babaji... 

March 10, 2013
3 pm onwards
Reshimbag Ground, Near Umrer Road, Reshimbag, Nagpur

The following days (11-15 Mar 2013) Babaji will bless everyone with
ShivYog Navratri Shakti Sadhna

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