Thursday, 28 March 2013

A token of Gratitude

One of the major teachings of ShivYog is the attitude of gratitude.  We receive so much from creation and many times are unable to repay back in the same intensity. What can one give God when he does so much for us? What can one give the Guru who does the greatest task of showing the path of illumination to all who otherwise can risk moving away from the light? What can one give back nature that sustains us with life through the oxygen we receive from trees and the food we receive from earth? How can one pay back to parents who birth us and raise us up making compromises in their lives? How can one repay back to such major debts we receive from all these forms of the Divine? Babaji says that it is Gratitude that helps repaying back. Gratitude is a deep expression that comes from the strong feeling of thanksgiving and unconditional love for anything we receive.

Babaji has been constantly blessing, healing and praying for the multitude through shivirs, free healings and even when not doing shivirs praying everyday for the well being of all. We keep receiving testimonials from many sadhaks who offer it as a gratitude towards the healing they received in various walks of life. If you have received the blessings do not hesitate to write to us about your experiences with healing in any form, be it in relationships, physical healing, emotional healing, prayers being answered, or how you manifested what you desired...

Babaji has conveyed that he is constantly praying daily for every sadhak's well being. Shortly, new pages will show up for healing requests and a special page for gratitude, in which we encourage sadhaks who have received healing and have had their prayer requests answered to write to us with their name, age, address and details of healing received. If you have been blessed in any way, you too can take this opportunity to express your gratitude and write to us at Namah Shivay.


  1. I am grateful to Babaji for showing me the ultimate path in my quest for Spirituality, I have continuously progressed in Sadhna since my joining in 2008, I have learned to remain in present, to silence the mind, to love myself & everybody, everything around me unconditionally, to connect with the inner-self and to experience the bliss.Everything has been so smooth, so pleasant, so vibrant, but suddenly a situation has come in life, which is affecting my sadhna & creating fear & low-confidence in my mind, although I console myself the same may be a test for me or an effect of unreleased sanchit karma and I am protected by my Guru & my Shiva, both holding my two hands. My prayer to Babaji, please keep on holding my hand for ever, I am a small child and want to remain as a child always and you remain in my Heart always. Please heal & remove all the blockages in my Sadhna. Namah Shivaya.

  2. Please show us Mata ki Chowki net live from Lucknow Shivir for 29th march 2013

  3. namah shivaya
    thanks to my beloved babaji to gave me an chance to tell the blessing received by me

    in jan when i saw upcoming shivirs in event calender i prayed babaji to bless me on my b'th day which was on 24 th march up to feb the dates were here and there my prayers were going on on feb 20 when i saw the date was given from march 20 to 24 at bhopal i have no words to expose my feeling first the timing of shivir was 6 to 9 i made ticket reaching bhopal in morning of 20 suddenly
    then the timing was changed to morning i prayed to babaji not to miss morning session of 20 th and babaji blessed me on the day which i was praying for
    j r anand jain chennai

  4. Nikhil Dave.

    Dhanyavad & Namh Shivay!!!!!
    We are receiving blessings 24 x 7 from Our beloved Babaji & shivyog parivar.
    It is truely said that "Shivyog is knowingness.It is the only a way of life.
    Namh shivay.

  5. Babaji i am great full to you and my brother who introduced me to shivyog , since then my life has constantly changed , I always had received your blessings and answers to my queries ,only one thing which iam not able to ,please guide me how do I come out of this I need you please guide me show me the path Babaji ....


  6. बाबाजी ! आपकी असीम कृपा के लिए कोटि कोटि धन्यवाद!
    नमः शिवाय !

  7. Namah shivay babaji Thankyou , Thankyou so much to opening this page, I was waiting from a Long Time to get such a way to connect with u, waise to aap humesha humare paas hai mere dil mein hai, humesha aa kar batein karte hai, mujhe guide karte hai, but apni feelings ko express kar aap tak apna pyar pahunchana it would be such a loving experience. Thank u... Thank u...Love U....

  8. Namaha Shivaya Babaji. Thank U for coming to Mauritius and Thank u for guiding us in our spiritual path.

  9. Namaha Shivaya,
    Thank You Babaji and Ishaan Ji. Thank You for guiding us on the right path.

  10. Namah shivay,thankyou for opening this page,whenever I come to this page I attempt to express gratitude to GURUDEV but everytime I have to stop because of finite and limited words ,the feeling of gratitude is so very big it can be expressed in SILENCE,it is beyond words,the subtlest one. As subtle as BABA'S written message to his beloved -the whole creation
    with love and gratitude in guru-charan

  11. Babaji aapne Jeevan Badal diya hai ..Soch Badal di hai .


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