Saturday, 3 August 2013

Listen to the falling rain

"Listen to the falling rain" is an old western song that is one of Babaji's favorite, which he sings in most shivirs to express his unconditional love to all. Ishan ji sings the same song, pouring out his love through this beautiful song.


  1. A beautiful and emotionally heightened climax to end the Advanced 'Prati Prasav' shivir in Delhi, recently.

    This is when our hearts expanded and tears of love rolled down. It was the last day of the shvir and indeed it rained on the way home, and continued for the next several days after.

    Felt the LOVE !

    Love You too, My beloved Baba ji.

  2. ...sooo full of love...

  3. Pranam Ishan,

    you are a fantastic young Baba,

    infinite tank you

    Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Love u Babaji... U r always with me.... Namah Shivay.


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