Monday, 5 August 2013

Satnam Sri Waheguru

Acharya Ishan Shivanand sings this divine bhajan at the New Delhi Shivir where everyone present joins him in this divine. The meaning of this bhajan is very deep and profound and so is it's melody and gentle, yet strong impact. For close to 15 minutes this chanting had a profound effect to the whole gathering at Markandeya Bhavan, Chattarpur.

Waheguru –The praise of Guru

Waheguru –The praise of Guru

Sat means Truth, where truth refers to the Almighty - the One that is immortal, the one that is, was and will be existing forever. Everything that is mortal is false.

Naam means Name, the name of God, His Existence.

Sri Waheguru is the praise of the Guru.

Waheguru –The praise of Guru

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  1. Satnam Sri Waheguru - This Bhajan is so so good and such in such a Beautiful manner by Acharya Ishan ji and takes one to the other world.
    Words can never describe about the mellifluousness of this Bhajan.
    Thank you so so much for posting this.
    Please post and share more of Bhajans by Acharya Ishan ji like Hari Hari Bol Mukunda Madhav, Pashupate Parvateshwar , Saamb SadaShiv and Sivaya Namah Om.
    Its a humble request to please post these Bhajans either audio or video, in Babaji's voice or Ishanji's voice.
    Heard these Bhajans in the Shivirs.
    Kindly share these Divine Pearls for Sadhaks.
    Tons and tons of Thank you in advance.
    And, please please share more of Bhajans.

    Namaha Shivaya.


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