Friday, 11 October 2013

Babaji communicating with cow

A clip taken while Babaji visited the Goshala and was casually watching the cows and began communicating with the cows and a bull. It is interesting to watch how the bull responds to Babaji, who admonishes the bull after getting to know that the bull had been fighting with others in the breed.


  1. This is truly amazing ! Abb samajh mein aaya ki real art of communication kya hai. Ek bar phir se gayan ka dipak prajwal karne ki liya baba app ko koti koti pranam! Isshan bhaiya - Kenya Pratiprasav - was truely amazing and at the same time so much fun as well. Please grant my request for a recording of the shivir. Saach - with closed eyes when I was listening to you in the auditorium, I felt as if I was listening to Babaji only.

  2. maybe this was just a physical representation of what happens to me in Saadhana when i connect to my guru and he tells me to mend my ways; I feel so much like the bull before Babaji...Om Guruve Namaha.. thank u for making my Navratra so gave me what i was missing out on life. aapko koti koti pranaam. Guide me to the level; to that achievement for which i have been born for. i seek thus every passing moment. namah shivaya

  3. Baba ji koti koti pranam.....
    Please heal us save us(Odisa and Odisa's people) from PHAILIN Cyclone.


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