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Monday, 30 June 2014

Funny Moments in Nature

In a recent visit to Alwar, on the way, Babaji and Ishan ji along with the Seva team stop to feed monkeys. The rush of the monkeys were frantic but not of much difference to Babaji and Ishan ji. The monkeys felt at home with them, jumping around them, climbing over their shoulders, pulling, pleading, tugging and even hanging on to them to get their bit. A few of these raw videos were taken and compiled with music that would suit the chaos that went on around the two still divine human souls. Watch the brief video and enjoy the fun. Watch this space for more such rare video clips from Babaji's divine library. Namah Shivay.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Gift from Babaji & Ishan ji

Both the healing masters – Baba ji and Ishan ji were informed that many sadhaks desire to receive the healing mantra in the form of the recorded CD that was also played during all the intensive healing seminars, programmes, courses and shivirs of Shiv Yog in the past few months. As permission was being sought from Baba ji and Ishan ji and arrangements made to make the ultra-powerful Healing Beej Mantra CD available on Divine Shop, a compassionate Ishan ji declared to make it available free to all the needy. So broad is Babaji’s and Ishan ji’s vision in reaching the divine healings to every household and so large are their divine hearts that they declared making the Mantra downloadable and easily available for the benefit of all the sadhaks, but it came with a condition that sadhaks must respect the mantra and it's sharing by not uploading it anywhere else. If anyone wishes to share it, please do so by sharing the links of it from the blog, facebook, or twitter mediums of the Foundation only.

The mere chanting of the highest healing mantra in the healing voice of Baba ji will help nullify every form of negativity. Diseases to doshas, stress to emotional upheaval, all shortcomings will dissolve on the repeated chanting of this mantra. Shiv Yog healers must rise to the occasion and use this mantra extensively, now being made open to all for healing humanity, flora, fauna and the whole universe. Baba ji wish is to universalize healing now since it is every human being's divine right to be happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous and spiritual. One step ahead, the human being is the only living being on earth who can help not just other human beings but so also everything in creation with their intent and goodwill. Once you are fully healed and able, your vibrations starts extending out to everything in creation. So, use this opportunity to heal yourself. This Divine healing mantra can be played from hospitals to homes, from cars to workplace, or played anywhere to make the ambience full of healing energy. You may play this mantra and do the visualisation method as shared by Babaji in the previous post here. (Read

It is Baba ji’s warning though not to circulate the mantra elsewhere. It is for your healing. It is for your own spiritual development. Please offer the highest respect to the mantra. Do not upload it on other websites or forums and do not broadcast it using other means. Use only the official channels of the Foundation only. Please share it with the entire post by using the social media links below this post.

Because it is a very very precious gift from Baba ji, let us treat it with utmost reverence. Let us have only pure intentions in humbly handling this most sacred online gift from Baba ji. Blessings. Namah Shivay.

Note: The downloadable item is copyrighted for protection from misuse.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Letter from Baba to You

Namah shivay! 

I'm very happy to be talking to you all through this medium. It's a great way to use technology. We must utilize this to spread divinity.

I want to congratulate you all for the success with the monsoon visualization. But do not stop now. Continue that exercise after meditation for some weeks. (read the visualization method from Babaji) The success of a healthy monsoon will be a proof of the infinite power of materialization you have in you. BLESS YOU! 
I want to share with you all today how relationships driven out of sheer love become best teachers of vital lessons in life. I remember the time when Ishan was a toddler, a small child and had barely learnt how to walk and talk. So once, Guru Ma and I had an argument when a little Ishan interrupted us, with tears rolling down his cheeks and said

लड़ाई नहीं करनी होती प्यार करना होता है| इतनी सी बात समझ नहीं आई?

These simplistic but honest lines really touched my heart and these innocent yet powerful words of Ishan struck a chord with Guru Ma also.

I picked Ishan up, cuddled him, loved him and said I'm sorry dear son.

And a few years after this touching experience, I was thinking that if we count the years in our life, we will find that so many years we spend sleeping, travelling, eating, excreting, bathing, working, walking, watching TV and in many other such daily activities. Each day we spend some time in these activities and by the time of our death, the total time spent on these activities runs in years. 

If we sum up the hours of our lives, we will find that we only have 5-6 hours with us, which we get to spend in togetherness with our family and experience unconditional love. And even these many years that we get to spend with our family, (around half an hour daily, or may be even more or may be even less as the case may be) we spend in fighting. Every evening, we return home and give a piece of mind to our near and dear ones instead of sharing a slice of our lives with them.

It is here that a small Ishan's words of  लड़ाई नहीं करनी होती प्यार करना होता है| इतनी सी बात समझ नहीं आई? strike my mind.

I want to tell you Shiv Yog sadhaks, there is very less time with us to give love and receive love. We must not waste it in quarrelling over petty issues.

Every time sadhaks tell me of disputes in their families, I repeat Ishan's words in an indirect manner. Baby Ishan's words also led me to develop the bhajan 'Ae Din bandeya'. So when we sing this today, the inspiration is the baby Ishan.

I get so many requests everywhere I go, telling me that "Oh Baba ji I have so many unresolved issues with XYZ in my family".

I have only one thing to tell them as the perfect solution - JUST GIVE LOVE.

Then they tell me, "But Baba ji XYZ throws tantrums. What to do then?"

I have only one thing to tell them as the perfect solution - JUST GIVE LOVE.

Then they tell me, "But XYZ has views counter to mine. XYZ always indulges in disagreement."

I have only one thing to tell them as the perfect solution - JUST GIVE LOVE.

But then they tell me, "But Baba ji XYZ is disobedient. XYZ never listens to my orders."

I have only one thing to tell them as the perfect solution - JUST GIVE LOVE.

Again they tell me, "But Baba ji the youngster gets angry and rebellious, the in-law is uncooperative, the husband criticizes, the wife suspects and on and on and on"

I have only one thing to tell them as the perfect solution - JUST GIVE LOVE. Because this is the only solution I know and this is the solution which is the most effective.

In another instance, a few years later Ishan, a little older now, was scanning me with X-ray eyes as I was sharing this teaching of unconditional love with some sadhaks.

Later in the day, after that session with the sadhaks, Ishan started arguing with me on some issue. He completed his argument with:"Come on tell me what you want to say?"

I felt angry as to how did he speak to me like this?

And the innocent boy Ishan reminded me: "JUST GIVE LOVE"

So this is how unconditional love fostered the relationship between me and my son. Ishan has taught me all the teachings of Shiv Yog in the most practical way.

And to continue the story, after Ishan's reminder of "JUST GIVE LOVE", I shared an affectionate moment and a good laugh with him. Guru Ma scolded Ishan for talking to his father like that but I sprung to his defence, saying he became a medium to instill in me this beautiful teaching. 

Thus, my son has always been a great motivator to me. He has unconditionally loved me, appreciated the noble work, my sadhna and every good deed. His words have kept me going from strength to strength.

Whenever I have been a little lazy or even a little careless, Ishan ji has been like a shadow, an alter ego, as if telling me every time - "FATHER I ALWAYS APPRECIATE WHEN YOU DO GOOD DEEDS. YOU ALWAYS MOTIVATE ME."

After such memorable and life-changing incidents, the spark that I saw in him, I taught him a lot.

Why I share with you such a long letter is that these are some of the practical experiences from my own life which I want you to know. Because I want you to understand that your family members too are here with you to give and receive love. They are here to help you grow. Don't see the wrong side of incidents. The lessons from those incidents must be your only focus.

To succeed in every situation of family life, you have to practice  

1) Just giving love and receiving love.
2) Doing good deeds together.
3) Moving together on the path of ascension and helping each other grow in every way.

I want all Shiv Yogis to relish family bonds because they are the greatest teachers of spiritual tenets. Your family can teach you what rituals cannot.

Guru shishya

all have so much to teach us. We must cherish these relationships and spend quality time each day to nurture them.

I'm showing you the path which I treaded. And I want you to benefit in the same way as I did. Many of the teachings that I speak of today are an outcome of a father-son relationship.

So, pledge right now never to waste your time in trivial fights, digging up petty issues, pointing out fingers, playing blame game and doing anything which unnerves any member of your family. 

From today, a new mantra I give to you all - "JUST GIVE LOVE". And don't just chant this mantra. Practice giving love to master it.

Finally, more than running after powers and Siddhis, what will lead you to ascension is following every relationship with the bolster of unconditional love. And one fine day you will realize that you have become one with the universe. The stage of  




Saturday, 21 June 2014

Message from Babaji ~ Visualize for the World

Babaji's Message to all Sadhaks, especially to those who have learnt healing.

After your daily meditation, Babaji wishes that all sadhaks spend a few moments sending light and healing to India and the globe.

In the recent Bhopal shivir, Babaji asked sadhaks to strongly make intent and visualize for rains and the night it rained. The next day, Babaji reminded sadhaks how powerfully they could manifest good things for mankind and asked them to repeat the process and rains lashed across MP that even affected the Delhi areas with sudden outpour of rains.

Babaji reminds you how powerful are and how you have the power not just to manifest anything for yourself but also everything in creation. Now, in this time of turmoil when the world needs more of healing, food, happiness, peace and prosperity it is time for the sadhaks to focus towards these positive and divine manifestations.

After every meditation, take a few minutes to do the following:

1.  Visualize India on the world map and then visualize normal monsoon. It can be in the form of visualizing normal rains on the fields. Visualize the map of India being well protected, see rich crops and food in abundance. Visualize all in happiness and peace.

2. Visualize the whole map on the globe. Visualize the entire world being illuminated and divine. You may also visualize black objects or dark substances (that represent all negativities) to keep popping out of the illuminated world. In the world map, visualize India is shining. Visualize everyone in happiness, excellent health, contentment, peace, prosperity and in Divinity.

3. Same way, visualize the entire Mother Earth glowing and shining with divine illumination. Visualize everything in nature including all living beings living in harmony.

The above three steps, even for a 15 minutes a day with strong visualization and intent would contribute in great healing, which is the need of the hour, for the individual, for the society, for the nation, for the globe and for planet earth. Be a part of Babaji's intent and be blessed with the opportunity of doing this great help to mankind and the Guru's vision. Namah Shivay.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Always be a child

In the recent Chennai Prati Prasav Shivir, after giving a brief introduction about the shivir, Babaji asked Acharya Ishan Shivanand to take over to a very childishly expression of Ishan ji. This is when Babaji commented, "For me he has never grown up." to which Ishan ji smiled and responded to the seekers in the auditorium with the beautiful meaningful words "Always be a child and the Universe will provide you with parents." which in utmost simplicity meant that nature will take care of you when you become child-like, innocent, simple, and natural. Namah Shivay