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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Babaji's Message to You ~ Self-Analysis

Namah shivay,

Babaji, wherever He has been, despite His busy schedules, has never missed sending out His love and guidance to all His children, each time the message coming as a timely whisper during our divine journey of life. It is His wish that this message to reach all sadhaks. Namah shivay.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ishanji's Divine Sharing

Namah shivay! The world may be going into a tizzy celebrating, cheering & raising a toast to Ishan ji, but the blessed one deems his birthday to be an occasion to make his existence worthwhile. He believes that on birthday one must cherish doing something substantive. Every year, when the calendar reads 29th July, it is not cake, candles, pomp & confetti which strike his mind but divinity & purpose.

He is currently in Canada. When he was asked today what he wants to say, he smiled & said, "There is a remarkable verbal Talisman which Baba ji once gave me. It has kept me sane in every circumstance. I will put it in words for all the keen students of life. Recalling the Talisman injects me with the energy of fruitfulness. More so, because it was given to me at a time when my life was at a crossroads. I felt down and out. I was forlorned. But, in came Baba ji, like the oasis in a desert, like a silver lining in the grey clouds and like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Even today when I recount it, I find my way to tide over any and every difficulty in life. This will prove to be a splendid gift for the seekers too. That is why I want to share this."

Everyone has their fair share of problems in life. So that makes it a level playing field. But what distinguishes the victors from the vanquished is how much you can persevere to overcome the difficulties, how you react to situations and how you learn from the incidents to never repeat the mistakes. Moreover, as human beings we must learn from figures of excellence and men of substance like Baba ji who has stood out as an icon of spiritual perfection. And Baba ji's guidance to Ishan ji can prove most useful to us in our endeavours to reach greater heights in our personality and character development as also spiritual growth.

The stoutness, steadfastness and resillience that are found in ample measure in Ishan ji's persona are traits built on very firm ideals. Everything from his daily routine, to his principles, from lifestyle to conduct is in sync with the precepts of Shiv Yog. Baba ji has really made him go through rigorous training in all spheres of life. So, it would be interesting to get to know what is the driving force of such an achiever that Ishan ji is. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Family Prayer Meditation

It is Acharya Ishan Shivanandji's birthday today and we are grateful to him that today he willed to so lovingly offer this family prayer meditation of Babaji, which Babaji had previously mentioned in an earlier message to all sadhaks, that this powerful meditation should be practiced at home together. Babaji states how this meditation will help keep you and your family enveloped in the divine aura of positivity and protection. Ishan ji further wished to present this audio as free download for your regular personal use and gain the maximum benefits that this meditation is intended for. Namah Shivay.

To listen or download the audio of this Dhyan click here
You can listen click on the above link. To download right click on the link and "save as".

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Message from Ishan ji - Science of God

Namah shivay! So often it is that we misinterpret God as religion. So often we view infinite from the prism of finite to make false assumptions of "your God, my God". And as a routine practice we live in delusions that my God is more powerful than others' God. In reality, God is the sophisticated infinite light, which is all-pervasive, all-encompassing, transcending religion, superstition, fear & "holier than thou" way of thinking. God is that elusive supernal science about which we are yet to begin experimentation. And as Ishan ji puts it magnificently in his latest communication to the sadhaks, God is the science the human brain is yet to  discover. GOD is there, but like the subtle internal mechanisms of Enlightened Shiv Yog Masters through which they tap cosmic energy of a Higher Reality, scientists need an external mechanism or device to experience it. But, the progression of research in this direction holds out hope that some day, THE SCIENCE OF GOD WILL CERTAINLY BE DISCOVERED.

"Science is the God already discovered and God is the Science yet to be discovered. True science was never developed by denial but by acceptance of possibilities. A man is limited by his preconceived notions and set free by his imaginations. ShivYog asks the seeker to dream as dreams will give strength to knowledge. Accept what you see and evolve on what you accept and the grace will set you free."

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Message from Babaji on Gratitude

Namah shivay! Sometimes, as students on the spiritual path, we feel that if we had this and this more in our lives, we would have been happy. But, even when that “additional something” is received, we realize that there is something more needed to make us happy. And despite getting to that “something more”, we still believe that we need something further for satisfaction. Likewise, this unending chain or vicious cycle of lust for worldly objects continues to keep us in a state where we continue to think “I would have been happy if I had something more”. But the truth is no amount of bank balance, no amount of luxury, no amount of worldly riches and no amount of love can satisfy the greedy longing for “something more”. Ever-lasting GRATIFICATION in life, with anything, can only be got through GRATITUDE. The glow of satisfaction can be experienced only through thanksgiving. And thank heavens we have a holiest and most Enlightened Guru, our dearest and most worshippable Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji who can explain this to us in ways as brilliant as those this beautiful picture will put forth.

And to put the teaching in this picture to practice instantly, here’s offering utmost gratitude to Baba ji for specially sending such a gem for all sadhaks from Malaysia.

Thank you Baba ji!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

A beautiful message from Ishan ji

Namah shivay! When Ishan ji was asked what the inspiration behind sending this message was, he had this to say:

“I feel an era needs to be ushered where people do not alter themselves to blindly follow a variety of misleading worldly practices just to make a good impression on others of being up to date with things which are ‘in fashion’. 

This is called conformism or being what others want you to be, rather than be what you really are. 

You see if you are always trying to dissect yourself, thinking I should imitate what’s cool in the society, you will develop a tendency to dissect others, find fault in others, try to change others. This way you will not be able to live and enjoy life on your own terms.

A newly-born child is free from this vicious cycle of conformism. He basks in the warmth of his mother. He lives a liberated life and no one tells him when to smile, when to cry, when to play. He is like a free bird. He does not need to be politically correct. It is by seeing and copying others that the child inculcates the tendency to change himself. 

True Shiv Yogis are like newly born children. They bask in the loving and protective warmth of their Guru. The realized Guru, in turn asks them to be what their natural tendency is – to accept everyone, including yourself, the way they are, to unconditionally love everyone, including yourself and to forgive everyone, starting with yourself. 

Today, I want to convey to all that only if a man can understand his individuality, can he truly understand others. BLESSINGS! NAMAH SHIVAY!”

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Calendar ~ July 2014

Desktop Calendars are the best way to adorn your desktop, especially if it of your Gurudev. An image that will emit the divine vibes from the Guru and also act as a reminder to always stay connected to His aura and receive the blessings that is emitting from Him at all times. The best way to keep oneself in check and spiritual alignment every single day of the month.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Babaji's Quick Message to You

The Guru is all-knowing. At all times he is aware of where exactly his disciples are going wrong. But he will never mention the fault directly. In riddles and puzzles he will say everything. The disciple has to be connected and be smart enough to decipher what teaching the riddle has. One such implicit message Baba ji sent from Malaysia this morning for all the sadhaks. Please share it with all. Namah shivay.

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Message from Ishan ji on Guru Purnima 2014

Namah shivay!

Life is beautiful. And it’s beauty unfolds as early as in the womb of the mother. Some babies come easily into this world, but some are naughty and bringing them to this world requires a good amount of effort. they can’t come easily even though for nine months the mother’s body has prepared, even though the mother has tried her best and even though the family waits with a bated breath, the baby won’t come out easily.

At these times, a specialist is called. A specialist for the naughty children. He helps usher them to the world waiting for them outside, he lovingly guides them out of the mother, disconnects the umbilical cord, cleans them, prepares them so they may survive, they may be happy, they may brave the new world which awaits them. And then as the baby is out, the specialist does not stake any claim or credit for bringing the baby to the world. He selflessly gives the baby back to the mother so that she may love him and as the mother kisses her child, he the specialist, the helper, the angel, slowly walks away for there is another naughty child somewhere who needs to be helped out.

And, like the naughty child I too once needed deliverance, after many years, my soul was ready to be delivered, the good inside me wanted to be born. Many find their own way, but just like so many others, i was the one who was lost in the darkness, stumbling, shouting, praying, pleading and seeking to be delivered. And when all seemed lost, he came, my angel. He showed me the path, out of this maze of ignorance which I had created for myself. He wanted nothing in return. What can a child give anyways?

He was selfless, held my hands and very playfully guided me like the river guides the fish to the ocean. i swam with him, I danced with him, I was inspired by his aura. Mesmerized, I followed him, till the day came when I was delivered. My family was overjoyed as now they saw a new me, a powerful me, a great me. And as I saw my day in the light, he gracefully withdrew, just like the sun withdraws into the clouds. But now I know the day I open my window he’ll be there. He has always been with me. I am a part of him today. I know he is the all powerful, the all-knowing, the one I love the most, my guiding light, my savior. He is - myGuru.

Guru Purnima signifies the day when I give homage to the one who gives me the means and the path to reach the destination as also the code which keeps me honest on the way.

You see, people may ask why a Guru?  I’ll find my own way.

But what you do not realise is that the law of survival of the fittest is applicable only on animals. Natural gifts may help you to a certain point. That too if you are in a jungle and you are bigger and faster and stronger than all the animals.

When it comes to humans, natural gifts are nothing but a minor advantage. The situation is akin to having a sword to sharpen and there is an iron surface on which you will do so. But, the two are kept ten feet apart from each other.

You see raw iron must also be forged, it has to be sharpened. And the more you sharpen the sword, the more effective it becomes.

That is why a child is not born a sports star or a singer. He may have natural talents on the surface or deep within. But the raw talent needs to be refined. To do that, it has to be brought on the surface by a master. A man who knows the path – the Guru. It is he who brings all our talents on the surface.

And the master who brings god on the surface is called a Siddha Guru.

Many are born as mortals. But few die as immortals. And those who become gods while they live, have the honour to meet a true master, the master of Rama, the master of Krishna. And to share a secret with you today, your very own master - Baba ji is part of that great Guru Mandal.

You see, the work of the Guru is like that of the farmer. Just like the farmer, first the Guru rips you apart like the field needs to be ploughed. This part is difficult. Many sadhaks out of ego cannot take it. The karmas are too strong. Their coloured perception makes them think that Baba ji is being rough on them and is scolding them. At these times the better the farmer, the more thorough is the cleaning he will do. It would seem he is destroying the land. But he is just preparing, as only when the ground is stripped bare can a beautiful orchard be planted.

 I had also come to my Guru like a wild jungle, filled with animalistic tendency. But he was an artist. He had handled so many before me. It was a beautiful dance. A tango if you will. But every one cannot take that dance as their ego will simply not allow. i was lucky. But let me be honest. He was hard on me. For a while, subtly savage also, but you have to be wild if you are entering a dense forest and believe me, I was dense in every way.

I remember first came the body. I was trained from dawn to dusk in every martial artimaginable, till my body would be on the verge of a total breakdown. I was made to hearsermons till my head would ache and if that wasn't enough, at times I was given a good dressing down, made to do menial tasks. But I realize now that they were menial just in my head. Today, I know all work is god’s work. I wish I was this wise then. But I would sit thinking why does he say like this?

He says pyar ka sagar but why can’t he love me? He says forgiveness. Why does he not forgive me?

And i would break.

Today I know what was breaking then wasn't breaking at all. It was hatching. I had to hatch. I was in the egg of my ego for so long. But many can’t take it. But some day in some life, you have to take it. Only then can you evolve. The ego may bring the logic of disbelief. But you don’t need to believe. Just like your disbelief in gravity will not make you float, believing does not matter. All you need to do is understand. Understand that it is good for you. i am glad I did. Because after that comes the easy part, the best part when the plants the seed. At this time, the Guru will become unconditional. He will give and give and give. But this is also the preparation for the final part, the most important part. Only a fraction of the genuine seekers make it to this part. The ones who do, immortality awaits them. You see after the farmer has planted the seeds, he spreads the fertilizers and then the crop grows on a massive scale. Results begin to show. Gains of healing unfold. Power and glory are at the feet. However, at this stage too the ego may be prove to be a deterrent. People say now why do I need the farmer? To hell with the farmer, the Guru.

But that is the most dangerous mistake. A mistake to which the best of us are not immune.


You see as the unconditional Guru, like the farmer, showers you with his grace, which is like the fertilizers, all that is within you will grow infinitely. The grace does not differentiate, like the fertilizer does not differentiate. You see the fertilizer will make the crop grow but it will make the weeds grow as well. And that is why the constant care of the farmer is needed to pull out the weeds. Otherwise, the jungle will reappear. That is why in all our puranic stories of all the divine demons, you will see the final mistake which the demonds do is the demons forsake the Guru.

Through the power of his meditation, the disciple is bound to receive the grace, but when there is no Guru to clean the weeds, the vices, they too keep on growing till it is too late and all beauty is lost to the wilderness of darkness . That is why no matter how much you receive, never leave that poor farmer. Let him do his work. Let him purify you forever. As, even though you will become God, he, like the mother will continue. He is relentless when it comes to loving you and he will remain so till you want him. And even if you don’t, he won’t leave you. He will just withdraw. But, he will wait for the day you wish to call him again.

You are lucky. Very few human generations have ever been witness to a Siddha. The rest of the generations are doomed with myths and legends. You are great as you are a witness to Him.


So, let him give you the destination, but more than that, receive the path he has crafted for you to achieve your goals. The path which is true to our time and our generation, the path which has not been corroded by the rust of generations, a path which is free from the dilution of time, a fresh path just for us.

Receive it. After all, it is your true inheritance.

But remember, a Siddha does not just give a path. He gives a code with it.  If path is the car, code is the key, a code to keep our car working. And in the true sense, to keep us honest.

This Guru Purnima, all Shiv Yogis must honour the code as homage to the One who has given you everything.

This is our Code, our principles.

  1. The first tenet of ‘The Code’ is that of honesty to all aspects of our life. May it be to our relation, our job, or our gods.
  2. The second is loyalty to the One who shows us the path – The Guru.
  3. The third is acceptance of humanity for what they are, as like you all are on the same path, some with a guide, being more fortunate than the rest.
  4. The fourth is discipline. in terms of body, through exercise, mind through Swadhyay and soul through meditation.
  5. And the fifth and final precept of The Code is to respect women. A Shiv Yogi never harms a woman, verbally, emotionally or physically. He must protect her, love her and pamper her. 
And as we respect The Code, the Master will guide us into the light.

This Guru Purnima, all Shiv Yogis must commit to change.

We cannot continue doing the same thing and expect different results.

I urge you to understand time is less and so much needs to be done. So much needs to be taught to you. And he is working so hard. Day and night he meditates to give.

All I say is let not a drop of his love be wasted. I want you to receive it all. From today, help me help you.

And together, we shall walk into the light, into a world where all is Divine. Where love prevails and laughter is the motivator. Where good health is the only truth. It is in that world where they all are waiting for us the Divine Guru Mandal.

Till then, this is the prayer i give to you. A prayer to keep you connected. I thank the Siddhas for all the miracles which have manifested in my life till today. And I thank them for all the miracles which are to manifest in my life from today.

Blessings and love to you all.
May you all achieve what I have, through His grace.
Namah shivay!
Ishan Shivanand

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Guru Purnima 2014 Meditation & Live Event

Namah shivay! For Guru Purnima 2014, the instructions from Baba ji, received via a special telephonic conversation from Malaysia.

On the day of Guru Purnima, perform this Guru dhyan.


1. Sit comfortably and quietly in your dedicated pooja room or place or spot of worship.

2. First focus on physical form of the Guru and perceive it turning into light.

3. Pray to the Guru to bring the light of Almighty, who is the Mother-Father of the universe, the Parmeshwar-Parmeshwari, the Shiv-Shiva.

4. Utter and immerse yourself in the following prayer-

"I surrender to the light of Guru and light of God. 
I pray to the light of Guru and light of God.
Please send divine blessing, divine love and mercy, divine protection, divine guidance and divine healing on me and all my loved ones.
Please shower your grace and healing on me and all my loved ones."

5. Repeat the above prayer 5 to 6 times and a very powerful healing will take place.

Also, watch the Guru Purnima 2014 LIVE WEBCAST on our official youtube channel.

To see the live event click here.