Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Babaji's Quick Message to You

The Guru is all-knowing. At all times he is aware of where exactly his disciples are going wrong. But he will never mention the fault directly. In riddles and puzzles he will say everything. The disciple has to be connected and be smart enough to decipher what teaching the riddle has. One such implicit message Baba ji sent from Malaysia this morning for all the sadhaks. Please share it with all. Namah shivay.

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  1. Dear babaji...namaha shivaya thankk uu..ur love for us radiates thru these super speed mesgs to us..just shows how obviously ur sadhaks wellbeing and ascension is ao so imp n an integral part of who ur very being is.u ensure ur 24 7 presence astrally for us who try hard to connect tyu...thats the kind of generosity grace kindness that makes my avdhoot my baba..thankk uu dearest babaji overwhelmed by ur love...shower ur precious grace love protection on us as ur family as u always have...blessed self

  2. sir,
    at the time of shivir when i close my eyes negative thought comes in my mind which i never want to happend .that is why i can't concentrate what should i have to do. can u plz help me.

    1. Namah shivay,

      Never force anything. Allow it to come. Just be a witness to everything that happens. Do not react, do not judge it as good or bad, just watch it. When you watch it, then it becomes powerless. Only your attention can give power to any thought. Namah shivay

    2. Namah shivay babaji,

      thank you for reply. it's my great pleasure that you reply for me. Babaji i said to my mind "ok do that you want i am apart from you" this method require passions. but at the time of shivir you are continuously increase my energy from MOOLADHAAR to SAHASTRART. Before energy reaches to SAHASTRART wishes are materialize and i do not want thought in my mind to be materialize. that is why i cant concentrate in the fear of materelise of things in my mind.
      and my second doubt how can i utilize my sexual energy i am not a married i want save my energy at this time to flow in wrong direction.

    3. Namah shivay,

      Practice the ashta prana kriyas taught by Babaji for proper channeling of energy. The tribandh is the most powerful for this.

    4. Namah shivay
      THANK YOU FOR GUIDE ME i feel very free by this guidence

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