Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ishanji's Divine Sharing

Namah shivay! The world may be going into a tizzy celebrating, cheering & raising a toast to Ishan ji, but the blessed one deems his birthday to be an occasion to make his existence worthwhile. He believes that on birthday one must cherish doing something substantive. Every year, when the calendar reads 29th July, it is not cake, candles, pomp & confetti which strike his mind but divinity & purpose.

He is currently in Canada. When he was asked today what he wants to say, he smiled & said, "There is a remarkable verbal Talisman which Baba ji once gave me. It has kept me sane in every circumstance. I will put it in words for all the keen students of life. Recalling the Talisman injects me with the energy of fruitfulness. More so, because it was given to me at a time when my life was at a crossroads. I felt down and out. I was forlorned. But, in came Baba ji, like the oasis in a desert, like a silver lining in the grey clouds and like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Even today when I recount it, I find my way to tide over any and every difficulty in life. This will prove to be a splendid gift for the seekers too. That is why I want to share this."

Everyone has their fair share of problems in life. So that makes it a level playing field. But what distinguishes the victors from the vanquished is how much you can persevere to overcome the difficulties, how you react to situations and how you learn from the incidents to never repeat the mistakes. Moreover, as human beings we must learn from figures of excellence and men of substance like Baba ji who has stood out as an icon of spiritual perfection. And Baba ji's guidance to Ishan ji can prove most useful to us in our endeavours to reach greater heights in our personality and character development as also spiritual growth.

The stoutness, steadfastness and resillience that are found in ample measure in Ishan ji's persona are traits built on very firm ideals. Everything from his daily routine, to his principles, from lifestyle to conduct is in sync with the precepts of Shiv Yog. Baba ji has really made him go through rigorous training in all spheres of life. So, it would be interesting to get to know what is the driving force of such an achiever that Ishan ji is. 


  1. You are a big and bright star truly blessed and under the umbrella of Babaji... then how dare can we to tell you anything... even we have no right to tell any word simply let me promise to follow the right path and also even being a very simple and ordinary one, Ishan-bhai, on this day please promise me that whenever necessary you will guide and show the right path ...
    Many Many happy returns of the day...
    Namah Shivay....

  2. namah shivay,thankyou for sharing these words of inspiration


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