Saturday, 26 July 2014

Message from Ishan ji - Science of God

Namah shivay! So often it is that we misinterpret God as religion. So often we view infinite from the prism of finite to make false assumptions of "your God, my God". And as a routine practice we live in delusions that my God is more powerful than others' God. In reality, God is the sophisticated infinite light, which is all-pervasive, all-encompassing, transcending religion, superstition, fear & "holier than thou" way of thinking. God is that elusive supernal science about which we are yet to begin experimentation. And as Ishan ji puts it magnificently in his latest communication to the sadhaks, God is the science the human brain is yet to  discover. GOD is there, but like the subtle internal mechanisms of Enlightened Shiv Yog Masters through which they tap cosmic energy of a Higher Reality, scientists need an external mechanism or device to experience it. But, the progression of research in this direction holds out hope that some day, THE SCIENCE OF GOD WILL CERTAINLY BE DISCOVERED.

"Science is the God already discovered and God is the Science yet to be discovered. True science was never developed by denial but by acceptance of possibilities. A man is limited by his preconceived notions and set free by his imaginations. ShivYog asks the seeker to dream as dreams will give strength to knowledge. Accept what you see and evolve on what you accept and the grace will set you free."

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  1. namah shivay,with love and gratitude,kindly help me understand 'holier than thou' way of thinking ,thanks infinite for the unconditional shower of love and grace to all


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