Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rare Videos ~ The Bhopal Cow

In this video, we attempted to compile the additional shots of videos that were taken from the camera that followed Babaji through the backstage areas of the Bhopal shivir, where a full-packed crowd of thousands waited everyday for Babaji. But, Babaji's first and last priority before and after the shivir seemed to be this cow. You have always seen Babaji on the stage, but know you would be delighted to see a few glimpses of Baba backstage, or rather His very simple activities off the stage.


  1. Thank you, Babaji, for showing us the way, setting examples by yourself. That is why you are a true master, true guide and true father. You are lovable, respectable and adorable. We all sadhaks love you from the core of our hearts and seek your blessings for sailing through this life happily, purposefully and fearlessly, enjoying each moment. Koti, koti pranam, Babaji. Namah Shivay....

  2. Babaji I love you! Namah Shivaya! i am very grateful to you Babaji

  3. Babaji, you are the sole guide and /Guru who always stands near me.. Baba I have no one except you... please bless us..

  4. Babaji You are my Guru, Guide, Father, Friend and Master...

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for everything and for being in my life.

    We love You Babaji and are very grateful that You are taking so much care of us.
    Jai Gurudev


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