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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 28 Sept 2014

Namah shivay! 

Another Sunday of the Sadhak and here we present you with two contributions this week. This time we decided to take two contributions that were not of the regular kind. First one is a satsang center managed by a ShivYog sadhvi, that has been conducting satsangs in a dedicated manner, setting examples for others. The second contribution is from a couple about the flower they lovingly call "ShivYog Marigold". You too can send us your contribution by meeting the format of Sadhak Sunday. Namah shivay!                                                     
Know more about Sadhak Sunday.
1. Contribution from Sadhvi Rani Shivanand, Madhuban, Delhi, India
Following the steps of the Master as an example with regular satsangs, chanting, meditation and Bal Bhojan. This satsang is titled  'Shivanand Day' and is conducted on every Poornima.  They start with chanting, then the full moon meditation, followed by chanting, aarti and bhandara. They have also set up a Divine shop. They organize Narayan Seva (free food distribution) for the local children there.  Apart from this, they also conduct a 2-day 'Mata ki Chowki' on a weekend, during Navratras.

2. Contribution from Sadhvi Shireen Shivanand, Durban, South Africa

Namah Shivay,

My sincere gratitude for this platform for Sadhaks to share their love for Babaji and Ishanji.

I asked my Dad to plant the White Marigold for the sole purpose of Garlands for the Shivir in Durban South Africa.  For months Dad nurtured the seedlings and called it the Shivyog Marigold.  So appropriate, they blossomed with so much love that the intended purpose was achieved.  Beautiful garlands were made with them for the Alter.  Attached you will see the aura around each Marigold, sending so much love and beauty.  When I took the photo with my mobile, I thought it was unclear and took another, only to find that it had nothing to do with being unclear but the divinity around each of them.  

Thank you Babaji for your grace and always being my Saviour and Guardian. Yes I am so proud to call them Shivyog Marigold. They remind me of the infectious smile and divinity that we get from Babaji.

Namah Shivay.

Sadhak Sunday is now also open to students who have taken Saraswati Deeksha from Babaji and have witnessed transformation in their studies, extracurricular activities, personality, behavior, etc. Thousands of children have been blessed by Baba ji in these years with this precious deeksha. For those of you, who have benefitted, we welcome you to record the child's statement on your cell phone and send the video to us. Selected videos will be shown to Baba ji and Ishan ji for their blessings and also used on our video channel. The video must be clear in visual and audio, preferably taken at a silent location. The video must not exceed 1 minute. It is advised that the child speak while the parent or guardian can record it and send it to us.

We just are finding more ways for you to express yourself and for your love to reach and bounce back from your Guru. Send us your ideas too!
Namah Shivay!

Lots more to come every Sunday. See you next Sunday. Namah Shivay!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 21 Sept 2014

Namah shivay! This Sadhak Sunday we bring you two new contributions, both that comes from the sadhak's heart. One is a sharing that came along with a photo frame and painting that she made along with her little daughter for Babaji. This was something she always wanted to make but was told that it would not be possible to be given to Babaji and soon then the Sadhak Sunday popped up. Everything that happens certainly has an untold reason, which is by the grace of the Guru. As Babaji says, what you desire with your heart, nature will make it possible for you. There is nothing impossible if the desire is pure and deep. We include the e-mail of the sadhvi too, for it expresses the wonders of how living the Shiv Yog way of life is simple, yet powerful. The second is a poem that comes from the heart, which is felt from the words that manifested into this poetry. Baba ji and Ishan ji do take time to look at the selected ones despite their busy schedules, for they love you as much as you do. As and when they get time a message from them will reach the ones whose love and gratitude appear on Sadhak Sunday.

It is overwhelming to see your contributions, but most of them do not follow the system, which makes it difficult for consideration. Kindly read carefully the detailed page before submitting contributions so that we can bring it up with the same enthusiasm and love that you send it with. Have a blessed Sunday!
1. Contribution from Sadhvi Vaishnavi Shivanand, Chennai, India

To my dear Babaji,
Nama Shivay! Bless me! Guide me and protect me...

I a new comer our Shiv Yog family.
Im a new born child, re-born in your hands; especially made to order just for you!

My life with you started when I was asked to see the Shiv Yog website by my sister, who is a long-time sadhak. At that time, I was totally stressed due to non-performance in my career life. That day, changed my entire life- when I watched the “women’s day” video in youtube.

From that day, everyday morning after sending my kids to school, I would sit for coffee & watch all your videos. It was a daily routine of – “Coffee with my my Baba”. By the time I watched around 180 videos, I started implementing everything, whatever you taught and it slowly shaped my life. I got back my life with peace & positivity. When I too wanted to recite Durga saptashati, like all others, you came to me in the form of the Lakshmi-Puja CD. I took a virtual deeksha from you and you literally spoon-fed me everything.

It is your greatness & love, to give everything, what we ask you. I can’t imagine how I could do that. Now, I know everything including all the bajans by-heart...

My first shivir was Advanced Shambhavi at Chennai. I used to ask you daily, when I could see you and You came right in front of my eyes at Chennai, just for me!! 

Thank you so much, Babaji.

When I wanted to have a Maha-Meru at home, but did not have the provision to buy it; suddenly, the day before the Chennai shivir, I got some money transferred into my bank account. See, I asked you and you gave it to me and I got whatever I wanted to buy.

Babaji, I like to make handi-craft items and it’s my passion! During the Chennai shivir, I asked my people, whether I could make something for Baba. I was told that it is not possible. But, today it is possible and it has happened. I have made this for you and every step of it's making is a miracle. Every bead of the art says “Namah Shivay” which is our breath.

Another miracle is that- I made this photo frame for you & wanted to print a photo of you. My daughter ARYA (10 years old) wanted to color your photo with crayons & keep it for herself in her school bag. But, when she finished it, You were so really looking at us, as if it is real. 

Yes, it is real! And it is made for you as per your wish.... In that photo, you look at us, from all the directions we see you. My kids were so excited about it. So, we decided to send it to You. I was told by my family that if I send this artwork by courier it would break. But, I knew my Babaji will plan the route and take it from me. Now, you see, Babaji, it is the courier that reached this to you..... This is my heart and life, which is sent to you...

Today, I'm happy because of you and I understand that money cannot bring in everything in our life, but even without much of it, I'm really happy. Anything I want, I always ask You and You are there to give it to me!

I thank you so much Babaji for being a beautiful part of my life and giving me this good opportunity to serve you. Nama Shivay!!!

Lots of love, from your child
Vaishnavi, Chennai

3. Contribution from Sadhvi Surekha Shivanand, Bangalore, India

A poem from the heart

Lots more to come every Sunday. See you next Sunday. Namah Shivay!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 14 Sept 2014

Namah shivay! Guru is the bridge between God and you. When God wished to bless you, he rewarded you with the Guru. But, when God wished to bless you even more, he presented you with the divine platform to express your love for the Guru – Sadhak Sunday. With all your contributions coming in for the Sadhak Sunday, it shows how much you love the one who is guiding and showing you the path of the Divine. This Sunday we present you with two contributions. One that explains how the Guru shakti and the Guru mandala work if one moves with surrender and faith. The other is a beautiful poem flowing from a sadhak's heart. Keep sending us your contributions either through mail or through the postal address provided on the detailed pageAll you have to ensure is that all the protocols are met in this page for the valid selection. As mentioned earlier, kindly ensure that the contributions are unique and something that will catch the eye of the team that includes Ishan ji also. The selected and published contributions are viewed by the Guru and Guru Parivar, and blessings are all that will shower, because through your contribution, you are not just expressing your heart out but also inspiring those who see your contributions. In other words, you are spreading light. The sadhak whose contributions appear here will also receive a personalized message from Baba ji or Ishan ji to their mail box. So, be an inspiration, pick up the best thing you feel you can share and inspire all through what the Guru and the path of Shiv Yog has blessed you with. May you shine and radiate through your being. Namah Shivay!
1. Contribution from Sadhak Ramesh Shivanand, Delhi, India

Miracle of Shiv Yog and Babaji’s Blessings

Namah Shivay,

Thanks for providing this platform to express ourselves.

I strongly feel the power of Shiv Yog and Babaji. I owe this life to you Babaji as we got second inning of our life due to Shiv Yog. We were  following Babaji on TV for more than last 10 years but were fortunate enough to get Shree Vidya Diksha in 2012 at Ambala Shivir.  Thereafter, with the grace of Babaji never missed sadhna even for single day. The following incident narrates how Shiv Yog helped us in the time of distress.

We were saved by Shiv Shiva and  Siddha Gurus from Kedarnath Tragedy.

On 14th June 2013 we started for Kedarnath and Badrinath with my wife, two children and two sisters. I had a plan to stay at Agastyamuni on 14th evening and started from Chandigarh at around 5 am. The only music I had was Babaji's Bhajans. It started with Satnam Shri Waheguru.
We were moving at good speed and were on schedule, but at Devprayag our Taxi Driver said that he was feeling sleepy as he had travelled the previous night also. I felt bad for it but as Babaji says “Har Haal main Khushi”, I asked him to stop and we stayed at Dev Prayag (although this disturbed my schedule).

15th June 2013: Next day we got late by 2 hrs due to driver and started our journey at 8 am. As we moved about 4 kms, there was a land slide and we had to stop, we were told by locals that it happened just a few minutes before our arrival. It took around six hours to clear the land slide. In the meantime our taxi’s tyre got punctured; we replaced it and moved on. We were in the convoy of hundreds of vehicles that reached Srinagar. We were worried about our punctured tyre and stopped to mend it just after crossing Srinagar. It took about half an hour to get the tyre repaired. All the vehicles which were following us crossed towards Rudraprayag.  After getting our tyre repaired we started moving towards Rudraprayag, but then!!! a big boulder blocked the road; we were  stuck  again. We waited there for about an hour. It was around 5 pm.  Driver suggested us to stay in Srinagar as it would be dark soon. I insisted that we should reach at least Rudraprayag which was just about 30 kms. But after waiting for another 30 minutes we made a U-turn and checked in the nearest hotel. As soon as we checked in we were told by hotel staff that the roadblock was cleared. Since we had made our mind to stay there so we did not move for further journey.

16th June 2013 we woke up and came to know that worst had happened in area. There was no road even to go back it was worst destruction we have ever seen .

We stayed there for 16th and 17th . With the grace of God there was only small area connected to rest of world through Poari Garwahal through which we reached back safe and most important thing is that we were not afraid of anything in this whole journey.
“Jidhe ang sang Shiv hai, onu pher kis da darr hai”
In the above narration, if I look back, Babaji's grace has saved us on following points:
  • On 14.06.13 – Had the  driver remained active we would  have reached Agastyamuni and next day we would have been at Kedarnath Temple (I normally stay for 2 nights there) which means .................
  • On 15.06.14 – As planned, had we started on time i.e. 6 a.m. and we would have reached Gaurikund in time and proceed further towards and reached Kedarnath Temple on that critical day.  But the punctured tyre did not allow us to proceed further.
  • Again, due to the boulder blocking the road, had we not taken the U-turn in Srinagar, we would have easily moved towards the destruction. This block was cleared within minutes after we left the place and checked into the hotel.

After coming back we realized that this was a miracle and Babaji saved us at every step. Later, everything got very clear to me that however hard I tried to move towards Kedarnath something or the other stopped us successfully every now and then. On 14 to 18 June 2014,We were in Bhopal Shivir and I wanted to narrate this to Babaji as it was exactly one year to this incident, but could not do so as incident describing could had taken long time.

I talk to Babji whatever I feel (while meditating). I love him so much that it brings tears to my eyes whenever I imagine Him sitting in front of me or whenever I feel that He is with me.

Thank you Babaji for being always with me in the form of Shiv Shiva. Gratitude to Shiv Shiva and Siddha Gurus.

Namah Shivay

2. A beautiful poem from Sadhak Ashutosh Shivanand, Bhopal, M.P., India

See you next Sunday with something from you. Namah Shivay!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 7 Sept 2014

Namah shivay! Guru is the bridge between God and you. When God wished to bless you, he rewarded you with the Guru. But, when God wished to bless you even more, he presented you with the divine platform to express your love for the Guru – Sadhak Sunday. And today the Guru-shishya kinship is set to soar to new horizons because you have overwhelmingly embraced this beautiful new bond. We are going through all the contributions sent through the official protocols. Every Sunday, we will publish the creations on the new Sadhak Sunday page with the date of that Sunday below it. So here we present to you the very first set of selected contributions. If your creation is not listed here, it will be done so in the coming Sundays. So, starting today, give a new lovely meaning to Sundays through this divine space. Namah shivay!                                                               know more about Sadhak Sunday.
The below contributions have been seen and much appreciated by Baba ji & Ishan ji and they shower their love and blessings on them. Babaji's message has been posted in the bottom of this page.

1. Contribution from Sadhak Akash Shivanand, Goregaon, Mumbai, India
Art created in calligraphy where every line you see contain the words "Namah Shivay"

2. Contribution from Sadhvi Shweta Shivanand, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Sketch made and worshiped at hostel room since Guru Purnima 2012
Words from Sadhvi Shweta Shivanand
Namah Shivay! I am feeling really so happy and grateful. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to offer our gratitude to our beloved Baba ji. I am sending the photographs of the sketch of Babaji which I sketched on the auspicious day of my first Guru Purnima(2012) after being initiated by Babaji on the path of Shiv Yog. On that day I didn't knew how to express the gratitude and love for my Babaji so I just tried to draw his portrait and wished that only once if I could show him this sketch. I am so happy that my wish came true. This portrait is very close to my heart. When I left my home for the college studies I was really feeling homesick but whenever I looked at this portrait I felt like I am not alone and my Babaji is always with me. Whenever I feel down or just lost the track he bring me back to the right path. By only looking at this picture I feel being heeled and loved by my infinite and eternal master. He is my family and my best friend who always and always love me, guide me, protect me and help me in everything that I couldn't possibly do without him. In the little room of my hostel I have little corner from where my Babaji is always looking at me. His face can make anyone smile :)... I love him so much.

3. Contribution from Sadhak Ajit Shivanand, Delhi, India
Words from Sadhak Ajit Shivanand
Respected Gurudev Baba Ji,
Om Namah Shivay,
I love you Babaji,
I am attached with you from last two years. During these days I had personal experiences which cannot explain in words, only I can say Babaji I love you, Om Namah Shivay. Here I am writing a poem dedicated to my Guru Dev loving Babaji.
A beautiful poem written for Babaji
Lots more to come every Sunday. See you next Sunday. Namah Shivay!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Calendar ~ September 2014

to download click on image to enlarge and right click and 'save as'

Desktop Calendars are the best way to adorn your desktop, especially if it of your Gurudev. An image that will emit the divine vibes from the Guru and also act as a reminder to always stay connected to His aura and receive the blessings that is emitting from Him at all times. The best way to keep oneself in check and spiritual alignment every single day of the month. Namah Shivay.