Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 21 Sept 2014

Namah shivay! This Sadhak Sunday we bring you two new contributions, both that comes from the sadhak's heart. One is a sharing that came along with a photo frame and painting that she made along with her little daughter for Babaji. This was something she always wanted to make but was told that it would not be possible to be given to Babaji and soon then the Sadhak Sunday popped up. Everything that happens certainly has an untold reason, which is by the grace of the Guru. As Babaji says, what you desire with your heart, nature will make it possible for you. There is nothing impossible if the desire is pure and deep. We include the e-mail of the sadhvi too, for it expresses the wonders of how living the Shiv Yog way of life is simple, yet powerful. The second is a poem that comes from the heart, which is felt from the words that manifested into this poetry. Baba ji and Ishan ji do take time to look at the selected ones despite their busy schedules, for they love you as much as you do. As and when they get time a message from them will reach the ones whose love and gratitude appear on Sadhak Sunday.

It is overwhelming to see your contributions, but most of them do not follow the system, which makes it difficult for consideration. Kindly read carefully the detailed page before submitting contributions so that we can bring it up with the same enthusiasm and love that you send it with. Have a blessed Sunday!
1. Contribution from Sadhvi Vaishnavi Shivanand, Chennai, India

To my dear Babaji,
Nama Shivay! Bless me! Guide me and protect me...

I a new comer our Shiv Yog family.
Im a new born child, re-born in your hands; especially made to order just for you!

My life with you started when I was asked to see the Shiv Yog website by my sister, who is a long-time sadhak. At that time, I was totally stressed due to non-performance in my career life. That day, changed my entire life- when I watched the “women’s day” video in youtube.

From that day, everyday morning after sending my kids to school, I would sit for coffee & watch all your videos. It was a daily routine of – “Coffee with my my Baba”. By the time I watched around 180 videos, I started implementing everything, whatever you taught and it slowly shaped my life. I got back my life with peace & positivity. When I too wanted to recite Durga saptashati, like all others, you came to me in the form of the Lakshmi-Puja CD. I took a virtual deeksha from you and you literally spoon-fed me everything.

It is your greatness & love, to give everything, what we ask you. I can’t imagine how I could do that. Now, I know everything including all the bajans by-heart...

My first shivir was Advanced Shambhavi at Chennai. I used to ask you daily, when I could see you and You came right in front of my eyes at Chennai, just for me!! 

Thank you so much, Babaji.

When I wanted to have a Maha-Meru at home, but did not have the provision to buy it; suddenly, the day before the Chennai shivir, I got some money transferred into my bank account. See, I asked you and you gave it to me and I got whatever I wanted to buy.

Babaji, I like to make handi-craft items and it’s my passion! During the Chennai shivir, I asked my people, whether I could make something for Baba. I was told that it is not possible. But, today it is possible and it has happened. I have made this for you and every step of it's making is a miracle. Every bead of the art says “Namah Shivay” which is our breath.

Another miracle is that- I made this photo frame for you & wanted to print a photo of you. My daughter ARYA (10 years old) wanted to color your photo with crayons & keep it for herself in her school bag. But, when she finished it, You were so really looking at us, as if it is real. 

Yes, it is real! And it is made for you as per your wish.... In that photo, you look at us, from all the directions we see you. My kids were so excited about it. So, we decided to send it to You. I was told by my family that if I send this artwork by courier it would break. But, I knew my Babaji will plan the route and take it from me. Now, you see, Babaji, it is the courier that reached this to you..... This is my heart and life, which is sent to you...

Today, I'm happy because of you and I understand that money cannot bring in everything in our life, but even without much of it, I'm really happy. Anything I want, I always ask You and You are there to give it to me!

I thank you so much Babaji for being a beautiful part of my life and giving me this good opportunity to serve you. Nama Shivay!!!

Lots of love, from your child
Vaishnavi, Chennai

3. Contribution from Sadhvi Surekha Shivanand, Bangalore, India

A poem from the heart

Lots more to come every Sunday. See you next Sunday. Namah Shivay!


  1. Thanking our ,GOD ,Father, guru, freind ALL IN ONE BEING FOR US

  2. Babaji you showed us the way and gave us the strength. thanks a tonne Babaji. we owe a big deal to u. bless u


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