Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 28 Sept 2014

Namah shivay! 

Another Sunday of the Sadhak and here we present you with two contributions this week. This time we decided to take two contributions that were not of the regular kind. First one is a satsang center managed by a ShivYog sadhvi, that has been conducting satsangs in a dedicated manner, setting examples for others. The second contribution is from a couple about the flower they lovingly call "ShivYog Marigold". You too can send us your contribution by meeting the format of Sadhak Sunday. Namah shivay!                                                     
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1. Contribution from Sadhvi Rani Shivanand, Madhuban, Delhi, India
Following the steps of the Master as an example with regular satsangs, chanting, meditation and Bal Bhojan. This satsang is titled  'Shivanand Day' and is conducted on every Poornima.  They start with chanting, then the full moon meditation, followed by chanting, aarti and bhandara. They have also set up a Divine shop. They organize Narayan Seva (free food distribution) for the local children there.  Apart from this, they also conduct a 2-day 'Mata ki Chowki' on a weekend, during Navratras.

2. Contribution from Sadhvi Shireen Shivanand, Durban, South Africa

Namah Shivay,

My sincere gratitude for this platform for Sadhaks to share their love for Babaji and Ishanji.

I asked my Dad to plant the White Marigold for the sole purpose of Garlands for the Shivir in Durban South Africa.  For months Dad nurtured the seedlings and called it the Shivyog Marigold.  So appropriate, they blossomed with so much love that the intended purpose was achieved.  Beautiful garlands were made with them for the Alter.  Attached you will see the aura around each Marigold, sending so much love and beauty.  When I took the photo with my mobile, I thought it was unclear and took another, only to find that it had nothing to do with being unclear but the divinity around each of them.  

Thank you Babaji for your grace and always being my Saviour and Guardian. Yes I am so proud to call them Shivyog Marigold. They remind me of the infectious smile and divinity that we get from Babaji.

Namah Shivay.

Sadhak Sunday is now also open to students who have taken Saraswati Deeksha from Babaji and have witnessed transformation in their studies, extracurricular activities, personality, behavior, etc. Thousands of children have been blessed by Baba ji in these years with this precious deeksha. For those of you, who have benefitted, we welcome you to record the child's statement on your cell phone and send the video to us. Selected videos will be shown to Baba ji and Ishan ji for their blessings and also used on our video channel. The video must be clear in visual and audio, preferably taken at a silent location. The video must not exceed 1 minute. It is advised that the child speak while the parent or guardian can record it and send it to us.

We just are finding more ways for you to express yourself and for your love to reach and bounce back from your Guru. Send us your ideas too!
Namah Shivay!

Lots more to come every Sunday. See you next Sunday. Namah Shivay!

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  1. I felt a thrill run through my body on seeing the marigolds. Thank you for sharing this. Really our Baba is unconditional love personified as whenever I read other sadhaks' feelings I realise He has the same effect on us all.
    Sadgurunath Maharaj ki jai!


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