Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 7 Sept 2014

Namah shivay! Guru is the bridge between God and you. When God wished to bless you, he rewarded you with the Guru. But, when God wished to bless you even more, he presented you with the divine platform to express your love for the Guru – Sadhak Sunday. And today the Guru-shishya kinship is set to soar to new horizons because you have overwhelmingly embraced this beautiful new bond. We are going through all the contributions sent through the official protocols. Every Sunday, we will publish the creations on the new Sadhak Sunday page with the date of that Sunday below it. So here we present to you the very first set of selected contributions. If your creation is not listed here, it will be done so in the coming Sundays. So, starting today, give a new lovely meaning to Sundays through this divine space. Namah shivay!                                                               know more about Sadhak Sunday.
The below contributions have been seen and much appreciated by Baba ji & Ishan ji and they shower their love and blessings on them. Babaji's message has been posted in the bottom of this page.

1. Contribution from Sadhak Akash Shivanand, Goregaon, Mumbai, India
Art created in calligraphy where every line you see contain the words "Namah Shivay"

2. Contribution from Sadhvi Shweta Shivanand, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Sketch made and worshiped at hostel room since Guru Purnima 2012
Words from Sadhvi Shweta Shivanand
Namah Shivay! I am feeling really so happy and grateful. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to offer our gratitude to our beloved Baba ji. I am sending the photographs of the sketch of Babaji which I sketched on the auspicious day of my first Guru Purnima(2012) after being initiated by Babaji on the path of Shiv Yog. On that day I didn't knew how to express the gratitude and love for my Babaji so I just tried to draw his portrait and wished that only once if I could show him this sketch. I am so happy that my wish came true. This portrait is very close to my heart. When I left my home for the college studies I was really feeling homesick but whenever I looked at this portrait I felt like I am not alone and my Babaji is always with me. Whenever I feel down or just lost the track he bring me back to the right path. By only looking at this picture I feel being heeled and loved by my infinite and eternal master. He is my family and my best friend who always and always love me, guide me, protect me and help me in everything that I couldn't possibly do without him. In the little room of my hostel I have little corner from where my Babaji is always looking at me. His face can make anyone smile :)... I love him so much.

3. Contribution from Sadhak Ajit Shivanand, Delhi, India
Words from Sadhak Ajit Shivanand
Respected Gurudev Baba Ji,
Om Namah Shivay,
I love you Babaji,
I am attached with you from last two years. During these days I had personal experiences which cannot explain in words, only I can say Babaji I love you, Om Namah Shivay. Here I am writing a poem dedicated to my Guru Dev loving Babaji.
A beautiful poem written for Babaji
Lots more to come every Sunday. See you next Sunday. Namah Shivay!


  1. THANKYOU Babaji and ShivYog Seva Team!!!! I can not express my gratitude in words.............. just love you so much!
    Namah Shivay!

  2. All these contributions are so wonderful amazing.

  3. Thank you .. Babaji.. How happy and full of energies the contributions are... Babaji please bless us....

  4. Thank you so much , BABAJI . I loved every word that was written . Babaji please be there for me always . Please keep sending more of this wonderful contributions they are just so inspiring . I LOVE YOU BABAJI, i truly that you come soon to bless me and my family .

  5. namah shivay babaji
    gurur ma ishan ji and whole shivyog family

  6. Nms Babaji, thank you so much for giving us this platform to share experiences across the globe... My humble pranaams and love always as you have completed my life..x

  7. Thank you baba, i am thinking of teaching baby yoga and your words are like a blessing to progress, give me confidence and strength. Thanks and namashivay.

  8. Babaji,I have made something so beautiful for u.. It was my passion & I wish it at the chennai shivir & now its happening. its only u, who can show what is unconditional love! everyone says such things.. but, only u can show it to us. thanks for everything u have given us.. Nama Shivay!


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