Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 12 Oct 2014

Namah shivay! 

This Sadhak Sunday we share two contributions from two sadhaks. The first one is what the mother calls the youngest UK ShivYog Sadhvi who is a tiny tot of 2-1/2 months. She shares all the special moments she has had in conceiving this little one and how ShivYog has impacted the child since she was in the womb. The results of following the Guru's teachings on how parents should prepare themselves before bringing a life on earth, brought them the results that had to invariably follow when one follow's the Guru's words as Param Vakyam. The second one is a poem written by a sadhak who shares his feeling of how he sees the Guru as his life. He expresses in very simple and plain words what Babaji teaches that you name the divine with any name, it is the same one. Many other teachings he has put it in simple words, and the reason it appears here is because of the noted emotions behind the simple words. Everything is in the bhav! So read on and enjoy your Sunday with the snippets from the lives of your Guru Bandhus, who are blessed by Baba ji and the Guru Parivar.
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1. Contribution from Neelu Shivanand, London

Deepest Gratitude from Youngest UK Sadhak (Eva ~ 2-1/2 months old)

  I would like to share my experience and my heartfelt gratitude to Baba for blessing us with our divine daughter (Eva, our Bala Tripurasundari).

 I heard Baba say that husband and wife should take conceiving a child as a one year project – and follow ShivYog wholeheartedly for one year in order to purify themselves and then conceive a child. That way you will attract a very divine soul in your womb. We wished to have a child as divine as my Baba. Therefore, after listening to this advice I delayed having a baby by one year in spite of a lot of family pressure. And in that one year both me and my husband attended many shivirs, meditated regularly – often together, hosted and attended satsangs every week and did as much sewa as possible. We began to see beautiful changes in our lives and lot of bliss.

 In the healing shivir in London in October 2013, I got an opportunity to volunteer for a healing experiment and went up to the stage. After the experiment both Guruma and Baba blessed me. And then right after that shivir we conceived Eva (after one year of both of us doing the sadhna together). With Baba’s grace came a brand new home in a beautiful area where we had always dreamt of living. Another wish got fulfilled as Baba says all ShivYogis must have their own house with a separate meditation room.

 Throughout the 9 months of pregnancy I continued my ShivYog practice daily. Eva probably learnt to meditate in the womb itself with Baba’s grace! During my pregnancy I had attended the Prati Prasav Sadhna shivir with Ishan bhaiya in Dec'13 and made Eva listen to a lot of Babaji's videos. I read somewhere that no one can clear your karma but you yourself. But only a mother can do that for her child when the child is in her womb. This was my intention for my baby which made me carry on my practice thoroughly. The 9 months flew by easily and Eva never troubled me. She was a very quiet baby in the womb which made me feel as if she is meditating inside!

 The actual delivery experience was so divine – a natural delivery without any pain killers, divine ShivYog environment in the birthing room with Om Hrom Jhum Sa playing throughout and very helpful and caring midwives. All ShivYog friends were sending me healing and my husband Gaurav was invoking Babaji. Once Eva arrived Gaurav felt/saw Babaji, Guruma and Ishan bhaiya (who were winking at him) blessing us.

 Eva is now 2.5 months old. She is so well behaved, keeps smiling, never troubles us and never cries. We are trying to provide her a ShivYog environment at home. We take her to satsangs, Mata Ki Chowki and do Durga Saptshati and meditation with her sleeping / sitting besides us.

 We are so grateful to Baba for all the miracles that have happened in our life. Thank you Baba for changing our lives completely in such a short span of time. It is getting more and more beautiful everyday. I only wish to be able to repay this debt of gratitude back to you and hope to become as divine as you one day.

 Love you Baba

2. Contribution from Sadhak Amit Shivanand, Madhya Pradesh, India

Namah shivay,

Sadhak Sunday is a gift from the master to all his followers. Once baba said it in a shivir that "I am ShivYog". I was surprised because I used to think that it is the name of a spiritual foundation. I didn't know I myself am going to be "ShivYog". Whether you call me a ShivYogi or call me ShivYog both are same. Because ShivYog is the way of life. The one who has accepted to live life in ShivYog way, is ShivYog itself.

Thank you Babaji, every word from you is beyond millions of positive words. Bless us that we can decode the science of the self and can live our live the ShivYog way.

Namah Shivay


Sadhak Sunday is now also open to students who have taken Saraswati Deeksha from Babaji and have witnessed transformation in their studies, extracurricular activities, personality, behavior, etc. Thousands of children have been blessed by Babaji in these years with this precious deeksha. For those of you, who have benefitted, we welcome you to record the child's statement on your cell phone and send the video to us. Selected videos will be shown to Babaji and Ishan ji for their blessings and also used on our video channel. The video must be clear in visual and audio, preferably taken at a silent location. The video must not exceed 1 minute. It is advised that the child speak while the parent or guardian can record it and send it to us.

We just are finding more ways for you to express yourself and for your love to reach and bounce back from your Guru. Send us your ideas too!

Namah Shivay!

See you next Sunday. Namah Shivay!


  1. It is said that hearing or reading about Divinity is a blessing in itself. Eva's story indeed gives a feeling of being blessed. Thanks for sharing, Namah Shivay!

  2. Namaste babaji, I do ma durgasaptashti everyday ,thanks to you. Everday i pray for good wife for my son, please bless my son that this will happen and he will be very happy, please bless me that i do my sadhana correctly, i seek blessings for all my family. Thanks.


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