Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 26 Oct 2014

Namah shivay! 

This Sadhak Sunday we would like to share with you just one contribution that has come from two sadhvis of one family. The letters from them and the beautiful creations that they offered this time to Babaji was worthy enough to occupy the whole Sadhak Sunday page this Sunday, especially due to the simplicity and deep emotions that came with it. One sister expresses some magical moments while she was preparing a large cloth napkin with her love embedded in embroidery on it for Babaji.
She also shares how a particular colour thread was over before she could complete it and how on a simple request to Babaji, she magically she found the exact colour thread and the exactly quantity that she would need to finish her love expression for her Guru. The other sister shares how she never knew about her talent in painting and after ShivYog, this talent just sprouted out of her, which she has made the perfect use to express her love for her Guru. They also share more wonders of how Babaji came to them in various ways and how their lives changed after ShivYog. This courier was a bundle of love with letters, poems, craft, paintings, embroidery, and love flying out as soon as we opened the package. Luckily or blessed they were as Ishan ji happened to see it and was so happy with the paintings and embroidery that he instructed this Sunday be dedicated to both sisters. Please ignore the grammar in the letters as we have shared it as it is, intentionally not wanting to change anything in it.

Blessed are those who have the Bhaav in them, for this is their most powerful quality and even more blessed are those who get the opportunity to reach it directly to the Master whom they are blessed to be connected with.

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Contribution from Santoshi Shivanand & Cibani Shivanand, Bardez, Goa

Sadhvi Cibani Shivanand writes:

Namah shivay Babaji and Guru Maa...

Gratitude to my Babaji, Guru Maa and Ishan ji.

Dear my lovely and sweet Babaji. Thank you Babaji for coming into my life and changing my life totally. The book which was closed for many lives, you have opened it, wiped the dust and made a new book. Thank you Babaji, thank you very, very, very much.

Without knowing the meaning of Guru I have got such a nice and wonderful Guru, like in the form of best friend and ya, you are my best friend only. You have held my hands and shown me the right path. I never thought I will get a Guru in so young age and move on the spiritual path. I never took interest to watch satsangs but my mom always used to watch any satsangs on Aastha channel and one day while watching she saw your satsang and she liked that satsang so much that she was waiting to see your satsang again and one day on Goa Plus channel my brother saw your satsang and told mom and after that we only don't know how you brought us in ShivYog.

We four attended the first shivir in Bangalore and we went alone for so long distance but with the grace of you Babaji, my mom took her three children out of Goa without any fear and without knowing anything. In the bus, Babaji had already sent sadhaks to help us and they took care of us like a family. After that we attended Goa shivir and you have become so close to us that whenever we are going to attend any shivir you only come in our dreams and call us. We never think of how we will reach but we just pray to Babaji that we want to come and Babaji however takes us. Before attending these two shivirs Babaji had come in our dreams and called us.

With lots of love, I have created a gift for Babaji (image below). When I was doing this blue thread got over, so I told Babaji that I want little thread and went to search if somewhere I found and it was surprising! I found that much thread only in old box and in that box no other thread was there, only blue thread was there. I felt like Babaji came and kept that thread. I was so surprised and happy by watching this miracle and I don't know how many miracles are waiting to take place in my life.

Really, I have got Guru in form of friend, God and parents and I am very happy for that. With the grace of Babaji we have got everything. I thank you Babaji for giving us such nice and wonderful methods to become one with Shiv Shiva. You have made our life very peaceful, wonderful and great.. I love you Babaji. I love you unconditionally. Bless us and shower your blessings and unconditional love on us always.

From your divine child,
Cibani Shivanand

Sadhvi Santoshi Shivanand writes:

Namah Shivay Babaji. Namah shivay Guru Maa...

Thank you a lot Babaji for coming in my life. The hidden treasure of divine knowledge you have poured in our life. I am very, very happy to have you and receive your drop-drop of divine purest of the pure knowledge in my life. In return of that I have nothing to give you. For you, the word thank you is also less. These words are also not mine, they are yours.

The best gift  one can have in life is to know the Self and you have given me the chance to discover my true self. I was really in search of someone who would change my personality and my life. To bring change in myself, I read personality development books but I was wondering how to think positive and how to apply it in my life. You have listened to my inner voice and you entered in my life.

I was surprised that the knowledge and the change which I was searching, I found it in you. I just love it. At once for four of us you brought in ShivYog. First I didn't believe in any living Guru, only Sai Baba I was believing from my heart. You only brought me in your connection. Before coming to ShivYog, I was blaming my destiny and family for not having our own house but now I realized why. Because soon with your blessing our new house will be built. As you came in our life, our life is filled with miracles. You made all things possible for us. For 11 years we lived in one-room or two-room rented place and the place was very small. But we just prayed from heart to get a nice 2-bedroom flat for rent at cheap rate. With your blessings we got a 2-bedroom flat. We have now nice place to do sadhna. We are all thankful to you.

Going to Bangalore for Shree Vidhya level 1 shivir was also a miracle. My father gave permission. First time in life we four travelled alone for such a long distance. We even had not booked hotel to stay there but Babaji you were with us. While travelling, in the same bus some sadhaks were there. When early morning we reached to Bangalore, while getting down from bus we met them. We joined them and we stayed in the same hotel. They are all sweet and like family members. They cared for us and helped us. Babaji you came in their form. Thank you for that.

The biggest miracle was the Goa shivir. We did not have enough money and we just prayed to you and you really listened. Just 5-6 days before the shivir my mother got some money and one of the ShivYog sadhak, whom we don't even know helped with the registration and just two days before the shivir we got the confirmation message. We are really thankful to you and that sadhak. You again came in his form and helped us. You made all impossible into possible.

You have discovered the hidden talent of painting in me. Before I was not knowing I can paint beautiful paintings. One day while seeing someone painting, I just tried at home and really that painting was beautiful. Due to your blessing I can now paint beautiful nature's paintings. This talent of painting is your gift for me (images below). I am thankful to you.

We are all lucky to have a sweet father like you and sweet mother like Guru Maa. Babaji, always bless us, help us to become pure day by day and become spiritual. Help us to bring change in our life. We want your guidance for lifetime. Hold our hand, help us to walk on the path of ShivYog.

With lots of drops of unconditional love....  to sweet cute Babaji and for sweet cute Guru Maa. Namah shivay..

From your divine child
Santoshi Shivanand

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With gratitude to Babaji and Ishanji for providing this excellent place for you to reach out in the best way you feel you can, Namah Shivay to you. See you next Sunday.

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  1. Babaji touches our life in such a way that in a small lapse of time we find lots and lots of positive changes in our life. These two contributions are indeed filled with love and gratitude.
    Namah Shivay


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