Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 5 Oct 2014

Namah shivay! 

Sunday is here and this time we offer you two selected contributions from two ShivYog Sadhaks - one shared by a mother for her son and another shared by a daughter for her mother. Isn't that something wonderful that a sadhak enthusiastically tries to do for those family members, who are themselves unable to participate in Sadhak Sunday? First one expresses the cuteness of children, when what they perceive in their mind is birthed into a form by them. In the first contribution, the mother of this child expresses how her son's creation literally brought it to life, for all is in the emotions. Second contribution is from a Sadhvi, whose daughter shares the wonders of healing on plants. Babaji is all out with gifting farmers with Holistic Agriculture, but few sadhaks on learning this, practically put their Master's teaching into practice by sending Sanjeevani to plants, saw the results, and shared it with us. Read what the sadhaks have to share and if you feel inspired, nothing can stop you too, for this is the right and easiest platform to reach your love to your Master, in your own unique way. Blessed be your love and emotions, the priceless bond between a Guru and Disciple. Namah Shivay!
Note that only entries meeting all protocols are selected to be shown to Baba ji & Ishan ji. Click to know the protocols of participating in the 'Sadhak Sunday'.
1. Contribution from Vyom Shivanand, Gujrat/London

Namah Shivay Babaji,

Last Diwali, my son was going to make two peacocks saying Happy Diwali. I said to my son, "Look Vyom, you are good at drawing. Please make some more." My son said, "Mummy you go inside finish your work" and in 15 mins, he made a huge Shree Yantra. I was so happy I started crying and thanking Babaji for blessing Vyom. Again, after 10 mints Vyom called me and said, "Mama, look at this. This is for you. You Love Babaji na." What I saw was that Our Guru sakshaath came to our home on Diwali. We were so happy that we can't express it in words.The best gift in the world that a son can give to parents. Babaji, please keep blessing us all. My daughter Shailja also got blessings from Babaji Himself in Ahmedabad Shivir in 2012. Thank you so much Babaji for coming into our life as Our Guru. Humara toh jeevan safal ho gaya Babaji aap ke blessing se. Thank you so much from bottom of our hearts." ~ Amish, Jigna, Vyom and Shailja, from London.


2. Contribution from Sadhvi Rikta Shivanand, Bangkok, India

Dearest Babaji,

Namah Shivay and thank you for giving us this golden opportunity to share our beautiful experiences. One of the many that I wish to share is my mother's which I am doing on her behalf as she has asked me to do. I am enclosing her experience in her words. ~ Shahana.

The term Shivyog holistic agriculture is a new concept which has been introduced by His Holiness Babaji in the Narsinghpur Shivir. No, I wasn't a participant but can't resist the temptation of writing a few lines of my own personal experience  as to how the sanjivani shakti works wonders with the plants. I shifted to this house in 2010 and just before coming to Bangkok was initiated in Shambhavi Deeksha and also had the opportunity to do seva in Gurgaon Ashram which is most memorable in my life.

 I have a passion for greenery... love flowering plants, trees, the chirping of birds around me. Though the house is big, well planned but without a gardening space. Behind the wall of the boundary a small patch of soil with two small flowery plants approximately two feet high. So all I could see from my living room was the wall and high grills. Babaji had mentioned during the Shivir how the sadhaks of Lucknow Ashram had grown flowering plants and fruit bearing trees on most infertile land. So I started  sending sanjivini to my two little plants. After few months I noticed few green leaves above the walls... and soon they were growing higher and higher. Within two years the grilled wall was covered with red flowers and green leaves together with nice fragnance from the other Mallika plant which has climbed on the grills and provide me flowers for my pooja... and chirping of the birds stats early in the morning. Love to watch the little sparrows hopping around the whole day long and Also butterflies flying around in different colours. Koti Koti Panama Guruji.


Sadhak Sunday is now also open to students who have taken Saraswati Deeksha from Babaji and have witnessed transformation in their studies, extracurricular activities, personality, behavior, etc. Thousands of children have been blessed by Baba ji in these years with this precious deeksha. For those of you, who have benefitted, we welcome you to record the child's statement on your cell phone and send the video to us. Selected videos will be shown to Baba ji and Ishan ji for their blessings and also used on our video channel. The video must be clear in visual and audio, preferably taken at a silent location. The video must not exceed 1 minute. It is advised that the child speak while the parent or guardian can record it and send it to us.

We just are finding more ways for you to express yourself and for your love to reach and bounce back from your Guru. Send us your ideas too!

Namah Shivay!

Lots more to come every Sunday. See you next Sunday. Namah Shivay!


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