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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 23 Nov 2014

Namah shivay! 

Baba ji is beyond the celebration of birthdays for Siddhas are beyond the birth and death phenomenon; however, few of us relate to celebrate His birthday as a celebration of His coming into the physical realms for us. One such sadhak found his innermost desire to celebrate Babaji's birthday with children in a temple. He shares how in the first contribution that we present here. He also shares the photograph of a rare sighting of the sugarcane inflorescence 
in his house turning silvery. The second contribution comes from the inner core of a sadhak in the form of a poem that expresses the joys and power of being in the aura of the Guru. Such many contributions are reaching us, which we choose for a Sunday to present to the world.

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Contribution from
Sadhak Arghadeep Shivanand, Agartala, Tripura, India

Namah Shivay,

My  heart full of  unconditional  love and gratitude to my Babaji .  I have no words  how  to express  my  feeling  of  gratitude to Babaji and Guru  parivar. Thank you for giving us this open opportunity  to share our deepest loving emotions  for  you.

Babaji, I really want to thank you for how you have given me the opportunity  to celebrate your birthday  exactly how I wanted. I just want to share this  moment  with all my Shivyogi  brothers and sisters that  I had a wish to celebrate the birthday of Babaji  with many childrens in a  temple. I was having no idea how to celebrate and make all the arrangements. As Babaji said “Jaha astha waha  rasta- Where there is a will there is a way”, I just prayed to my Guru. As  I am Student  I was also short of money  to buy the toys, chocolates, snacks  for  all the kids but He even arranged that also. I was confused choosing the toys  as  I needed a similar kind of toys for many children, he even guided me a to shop where lot of similar kind of toys  were there and exactly how I wanted. A kind sadhak referred me to the Shiva temple and also talked with the warden of the children. The warden had allowed only 15-20 min to the children for the programme but the whole programme along with the Guru Stuti, Sankirtan and Bhandara lasted for  a long time and all were so happy.  While we were doing the chanting of “Om Shiva Omkara” which Babaji  in the Rhythm of Universe has gifted to all the children the temple premises were full of  vibrations which is only possible in the presence of the Guru and ShivShiva.  I have no words to express… I felt  Babaji everywhere inside the temple. This means a lot to me Babaji. Thank you Thank you Thank you very much Babajiiii ….Thank you Guru maa… I never feel lonely Babaji, each day passes talking with you, singing for you, thinking about you and dancing with You and Ishan Bhaiya. Thank you for  changing my life.

There is also another miracle story that I want  to share….  after deeksha of Infinite Dimensional Shree Vidya Sadhana from Lucknow Shivir, I came home and saw a Sugarcane plant at my  roof top garden. After  some days of  my regular  sadhana I saw changes in the the top of the plant inflorescence or the tassel of the sugarcane, where each of the tiny stalk-like feathers were shiny silver-gray-green colour, which is rarely seen in a sugarcane plant. Realizing that the Goddess of nature - Maa Lalita Amba holds a sugarcane plant in one of her hand I took a picture of it knowing of Her presence at  my home. I felt so blessed and I offered one of the sugarcane plant to Maa Amba during Navratri Shakti Sadhana. Such miracle is only possible through  ShivYog sadhana under the guidance of our Guru.  I have no words how to express my emotions to you Babaji, can only  pour your feet with my tears.  Thank you for everything Babaji.

Contribution from
Sadhak Kshitendra Shivanand, Dewas, M.P., India

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Have a great Sunday. See you next Sunday.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 16 Nov 2014

Namah shivay! 

This Sunday we share with you two contributions, the first one is a divine sharing from a family that they had while making a rangoli of the holy Shree Yantra. The second is a sharing of a poem from a little sadhvi, whose words and fonts and presentation we kept it as it was sent to preserve her expression of love for Babaji. If you have any such sharings or contributions send it to us.
You are most welcome to share your experiences too along with something to validate that experience which we would present to everyone. By doing so, you not just reach your love and expressions to Babaji, but you reach it to so many souls who are inspired by your contribution. Thus, you inspire the spark in others and many times enhance the goodness in others, which itself is a pious deed. 

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Contribution from
Sadhak Vinod Shivanand, Hyderabad, USA

Namah Shivaye Babaji,

Thank you very much Babaji  for everything you gave us - me and my family follow ShivYog and I have attended so many shivirs. 

All shivirs of Goa also I have attended. I have very much benefited after joining ShivYog BABAji. I live my life 125% and it's increasing day by day as you have guided us Babaji. Whenever i have felt weak by energy i have attended your shivir and felt great. Baba, You are our Guru and our God and I have so many experiences in my life after joining ShivYog. Now things materialize as per our need Babaji. I'm very much blessed by your grace my Gurudev, please keep blessing us all forever. Both my sons Babaji, they both do daily Maa lalitha Sahstranaam strotram and by her grace my wife decided to draw Shree Yantra in our compound.

While drawing the Shree Yantra, my wife and my children were stuck in last triangle. My wife tried her level best to complete it and finally gave up. She asked me what to do. I told her to ask Babaji and he will guide and  tell you. She then sat and prayed to you Babaji to help her and all of a sudden she got up and completed the last triangle. After that, my younger son mixed the color and perfected the combination by filling the accurate colors along with same color of Diyas. The Shree Yantra looked awesome, Babaji.
Next  early morning we saw three colorful butterflies flying around the Yantra. We have felt a lot of energy in our house when the Shree Yantra was complete. After that a different kind of light we felt in our house. We decided to keep this Shree Yantra for 5 days. We were now worried on how to do the visarjan (water immersion) of this Shree Yantra, but on third day there was a sudden change in weather and Shiva did Amrit Varsha (rain) and there was a natural Visarjan of the Shree Yantra. We all are so grateful to Baba for all the miracles that happens in our life. Thank you Baba for changing our lives completely. We have surrendered ourselves to You. It is getting more and more beautiful everyday.

Tvameva Mata cha Pita Tvameva  
Tvameva Banduscha Sakhaa Tvameva
Tvameva Vidhya Dravinam Tvameva 
Tvameva Sarvam Ma Ma Deva Deva

I wish to be able to repay this debt of gratitude and become as divine as You.
Thank you Babaji, we all love you very much from the core of our heart.


Contribution from
Sadhvi Divya Shivanand, Vadodara, Gujrat, India

Dear babaji…
Dear babaji, you are a powerhouse of the divine,
My soul is the devotee and you are the holy shrine,
Dear BABAJI, You are the statue of faith,
You taught me to accept life the way it is great,
Dear babaji, you are a divine light,
Whenever we are lost you become our guide,
Dear babaji, of the power of shiva you are the preacher,
In the school of life you are the teacher,
Dear babaji, you are the master of all,

With all my faith in you, I know I will never fall…

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Have a great Sunday. See you next Sunday.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Special Healing Workshop in London



Thursday, 13 November 2014

Guru Vakyam

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