Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sadhak Sunday - 2 Nov 2014

Namah shivay! 

The mystical ways of the Guru and how His subtle ways impact the gross world is what we try to bring forth to you every Sunday which comes from contributions from you. Though mystical happenings are not uncommon in the ShivYog way of life, we bring the sharings of sadhaks to let our dear sadhaks know that there are innumerable ways that you are guided, that you are supported in ways that are beyond the perceptions of the mind, body and intellect. 
This Sunday we present you with a collage of some mystical photographs and the creative expressions of an artist sadhak. You are most welcome to share your experiences too along with something to validate that experience which we would present to everyone. By doing so, you not just reach your love and expressions to Babaji, but you reach it to so many souls who are inspired by your contribution. Thus, you inspire the spark in others and many times enhance the goodness in others, which itself is a pious deed. 

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Image shared by ShivYog Facebook Page
Much before the above image quote of Babaji was posted on Facebook, a sadhak had sent around 20 images of consistent changes noted in the flame of the lamp at his sadhna place. We share the same below.

Contribution from
Sadhak Rajesh Shivanand, New York, USA

Namah shivay Babaji,

The very first shivir I attended was Prati Prasav sadhana in Kolkatta in 2012. There, you have blessed me and made gave me lot of experiences. Since then, my life has totally changed with your blessings.

Here are some photos that I have taken after sadhna, which I would like to share with you. Very first experience I got was the photo, the light from jyot reached the roof. I don't know what else to say. You have given me so so much which I would thank you from the bottom of my heart...Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you toooooooooooooooooooo........... I have no more words to thank you for what you have given.

Namah shivay

Also, in another mail the same sadhak had also sent a photograph of a Roti that he had prepared. He shared how it showed the "OM" symbol and also that he had similar incidences many times. A look at one of the photograph below will show multiple OM symbols.

Contribution from
Sadhvi Varsha Shivanand, New York, USA

My heartfelt love and salutation and Gratitude to Babaji.... I share an in invisible connection with Babaji. Many years back, after a small mishap, I was advised bedrest and Babaji was there on the 12 am show (TV telecast on Aastha channel) and I was hooked and believe me, as if, every word he was saying was for me, he was  actually speaking my mind, with few inputs of his own. Gradually, his inputs increased and  'I' was nowhere. But then, my husband intervened, not liking my addiction and present day views about Gurus. But I tried to tell him it was different.. Then I asked for Babaji's  help.  He was always there to answer the questions asked by my husband through his TV Programme (when he said "ask your Baba").  I prayed to Babaji to make my husband come to the Faridabad Shivir. And to my utter surprise as well as everyone else's, he attended the full 4-day shivir. He liked the Shivir, which was much obvious, but not many comments were forthcoming. Gradually, as time passed by, he used to tell me, this I learnt from Babaji..... But, believe me, he is a more peaceful, resolved, satisfied and unconditionally loving person now.

Gradually, I could feel the presence and guidance of the Guru Tatva in my life. My exhibition of oil paintings on Shiva was exhibited at an exhibition in 2010. I was guided towards 'Saundarya Lahari' through my painting of Ardhanarishwar. Before that I had never heard about that book. I created paintings on Shakti and how it was inseparable to Shiva. It was also a message that the Shakti sadhna was a must with Shiv-Aradhna.. At that time, Babaji was also teaching about Shree Vidhya Sadhna. My painting on Ma Lalita Tripurasundari is dedicated to Babaji. To me Babaji has emerged as the face of the Almighty, in my quest for the truth. My salutations to the Divine light. I have so much to share with Babajis blessings, Namah Shivay.


Send us the unique ways that you wish to express yourself with and the selected contributions would reach Babaji and Ishan ji.

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Have a great Sunday. See you next Sunday.


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