Friday, 5 December 2014

Calendar ~ December 2014

Desktop Calendars are the best way to adorn your desktop, especially if it of your Gurudev. An image that will emit the divine vibes from the Guru and also act as a reminder to always stay connected to His aura and receive the blessings that is emitting from Him at all times. The best way to keep oneself in check and spiritual alignment every single day of the month. Namah Shivay.


  1. Thank you my Gurudev. With you as my Master and Guide Im no longer afraid to travel on the path of life.
    Jai Gurudev!

  2. Thank you Babaji I love you. Namah Shivay

  3. hari om dhanyeh guru shivanandayeh namo namah

  4. namah shivay babaji
    new year cakender

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  6. Hari om dhanyeh guru shivanandayeh namo namah
    Namah Shivay babaji

  7. shree guru sharan
    shree hari charan
    namah shivay babaji

  8. namah shivay babaji
    pls babaji calender for march
    namah shivay

  9. I am blessed to have a umbrella of Gurudeo 's divine bliss under which I am protected Thank you Gurudeo. I am trying to follow the path shown by you.By your grace I am completely healed and cured Namah shivay


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