Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Monthly Calendar ~ February 2016

This month's desktop calendar. Namah Shivay.
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  1. Namah Shivay Babaji,
    I have an humble doubt in my mun (mind).
    you teach us about Shiva , the infinite and the kundalini shakthi that is sleeping dormant and its awakening.
    What is the relation between Atma the soul and kundalini shakthi?
    How they are connected?
    I see here the duality.
    If a human being dies the soul leaves the body.
    What happens to the kundalini shakthi that is sleeping in the body after death?
    This doubt bothering me a lot.

    1. Namah shivay,

      The Kundalini shakti and the other layers of the soul like the subtle bodies (prana maya, manomaya, etc) along with chakras of the subtle system all go with the soul leaving only the body behind. All karmic impressions are stored in these subtle bodies that the soul carries with itself lifetime to lifetime until they are shed. The Kundalini shakti is the dormant force that when activated rises from mooladhara to sahasrar as the process of evolution keeps unwinding with the rise of consciousness. For instance, if the kundalini has reached upto the manipur chakra and the soul leaves the body, then the next journey of ascension would begin from manipur and move upward or downward depending on the soul's freewill and influences.

      Hope this helps. Namah shivay

    2. Thank you very much and koti koti pranaams Babaji
      Namah shivay

  2. namah shivay babaji when will be your next program in mp shiva yoga healing and meditation

    1. Namah shivay

      Please visit www.shivyogevents.com


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